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Peter Brackney

Customer Since 2019

Peter Brackney is a remarkable attorney who specializes in bankruptcy, estate planning, and probate law in Lexington, Kentucky. Peter enjoyed working with numbers after receiving an undergraduate accounting degree, and he became interested in helping ...

Shari Taylor

Customer Since 2018

Shari Taylor is an experienced paralegal at the law firm Bulloch, Fly, Hornsby & Evans in Murfreesboro, TN, which focuses on family, personal injury, criminal, SS and VA disability, probate, collections and bankruptcy law.

Nancy Baum Delain

Customer Since 2015

Nancy Baum Delain is a remarkable intellectual property, business law, and bankruptcy attorney based out of New York. She is the owner and managing attorney of Delain Law Office, PLLC, a virtual law practice with a physical location in Schenectady.

Julia Jackson

Customer Since 2017

Julia Jackson is an attorney practicing bankruptcy, real estate, and estate planning law in Elgin, Illinois. Since 2011, Julia and Jackson Abdalla Law Group, P.C. have been helping residents of northern Illinois with complex legal situations

Mark Williams

Customer Since 2018

Attorney Mark Williams practices business organization & reorganization, tax relief and bankruptcy law with exceptional care.

Nancy Jacob

Customer Since 2018

Ohio Attorney Nancy Jacob is a distinguished attorney in the Cincinnati area who practices bankruptcy law. With decades of experience practicing bankruptcy law, Nancy helps individuals filing for bankruptcy immensely. NextChapter allows her to manage,...

Danielle Lawrence

Customer Since 2018

Danielle Lawrence of Lawrence & Associates is a remarkable attorney serving residents of Cincinnati, OH and surrounding areas.

Patrick Best

Customer Since 2018

Patrick J. Best is an attorney in Stroudsburg, PA with years of experience of serving residents of Pennsylvania and surrounding states.

Todd Mosley

Customer Since 2017

Todd Mosley is a solo attorney in North Carolina with two offices in Asheville and Waynesville. His entire practice is dedicated to providing debt relief through bankruptcy to residents of western North Carolina.

Francois Choudoir

Customer Since 2016

Mississippi Attorney Francois Choudoir is in the business of helping those in need of debt relief. His passion for law and compassion for his clients are what makes him one of Mississippi's best.

Patrick Miller

Customer Since 2016

Cleveland Attorney Patrick Miller is a dedicated attorney at Luftman, Heck, & Associates practicing consumer law. Patrick's extensive experience in customer service allow him to provide the best representation for his clients.

Andrew Tice

Customer Since 2018

Compassionate and diligent, attorney Andrew Tice truly makes a difference in the lives of his clients by providing relief through bankruptcy.

Anthony Vassallo

Customer Since 2016

Attorney Anthony Vassallo brings years of experience in bankruptcy to help individuals and businesses across New York City.

William Morris

Customer Since 2017

Denver-based Attorney William Morris benefits from the cloud when working away.

Tara Salinas

Customer Since 2017

Tara Salinas is an attorney based out of Denver, Colorado with a passion for helping people get through every step of their bankruptcy.

Owen Hathaway

Customer Since 2016

Owen Hathaway left a career in information technology to become an attorney to directly assist businesses and individuals. With over 6 years of experience in law, Owen recently decided to incorporate bankruptcy law into his practice with NextChapter

Chris Nelson

Customer Since 2015

New Haven Attorney Chris Nelson is well-versed in many areas of law, including bankruptcy. His experience and professionalism make him an excellent attorney.

Andrea Henning

Customer Since 2016

Modern attorney Andrea Henning is passionate about providing excellent and affordable legal services to her clients.

Matt McCune

Customer Since 2018

Denver attorney Matt McCune went into bankruptcy law with one thing in mind, helping good people through trying times.

Jann Washington

Customer Since 2016

Jann Washington was working as a paralegal when she decided to become a lawyer. Now she is a sole practitioner helping people improve their lives.

Leah Judd

Customer Since 2017

Leah is attorney John Skiba's legal assistant at Arizona Law Group, PLC.

Mark Little

Customer Since 2017

Mark Little is a well respected attorney in the bankruptcy space with a passion for doing good for his clients.

Leslie Maxwell

Customer Since 2017

Leslie Maxwell, New Mexico consumer bankruptcy attorney, takes pride in giving her clients a "fresh start."

Scott Bell

Customer Since 2017

Scott Bell is compassionate about helping people with their financial hardships. He is an experienced bankruptcy attorney with a passion for the industry.

Sevan Gorginian

Customer Since 2017

Sevan Gorginian is an experienced California attorney that specializes in bankruptcy. He is also a Professor at a local law school and community college.