Customer Stories

Matt McCune

Founded 2002
Customer since 2018
Denver, CO
Filing/Year: 50

Colorado native Matt McCune attended Denver University College of Law in 2002 and has been helping those in his home state get a fresh financial start ever since. With two office locations in Denver and as a father of two children, Matt keeps himself busy. When time permits, he enjoys snowboarding on the Colorado slopes.


Matt opened McCune Legal to be a consumer bankruptcy attorney who provides affordable and excellent service to those in financial trouble. As a member of the National Association of Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA) and a frequent lecturer at Continuing Legal Education (CLE) seminars, Matt is well-versed in all topics regarding bankruptcy law. Honest and trustworthy, Matt is known for his exceptional work in the state of Colorado, always going above and beyond for his clients.



The customer service is incredible

Matt was itching to get away from a Windows computer for far too long. Every other bankruptcy software on the market wasn’t compatible with Mac. Finally Matt found NextChapter, which is 100% compatible with all Apple products on any browser. Because he is occupied with work, Matt doesn’t have time to spend hours figuring out how to troubleshoot a problem. NextChapter’s customer support team is always very responsive and help Matt get things done for his clients.


One of Matt’s favorite NextChapter features is Notices A.I., which organizes and stores all of his PACER notices for him.


Fast-moving attorney Matt McCune found a bankruptcy software solution that fits his firm’s needs. NextChapter’s compatibility and customer service make practicing bankruptcy law better for McCune Legal.