Customer Stories

Jann Washington

Founded 2012
Customer since 2016
Richmond Heights, OH
Filing/Year: 40

Jann Washington began her career in law as a paralegal. After working as a paralegal for 10 years, Jann went to law school so she could make an even bigger difference. Jann first worked as an attorney in a small general practice firm where she concentrated in foreclosure defense and creditor/debtor law.


From her experience, Jann discovered that she enjoyed working in foreclosure and bankruptcy law because it helps those in the same position as she was 20 years ago when she and her husband filed bankruptcy. When Jann isn’t improving the lives of others, she loves to cook. She also enjoys watching TV and playing games online. 


Jann is a sole practitioner in Richmond Heights, Ohio. She established her firm, Jann C. Washington, Esq. in 2012 and has been working tirelessly to aid residents of Northern Ohio who are experiencing financial troubles ever since. Her prior experience and kindness make her an exceptional attorney. Jann is flexible and goes above and beyond. She meets one-on-one with her clients and ensures that they understand all of their options fully.


Jann started using NextChapter just a few months after we launched. She has helped NextChapter grow as a product by giving us suggestions that we later implemented. Jann enjoys the freedom that NextChapter offers. NextChapter’s 100% cloud-based platform allows Jann to prepare and file cases anywhere.

NextChapter's management team has listened and incorporated many of my suggestions and I appreciate how responsive they are.

Without having to use a company server or desktop, Jann is able to hire an independent paralegal whenever she needs an extra hand. She is a fan of all of NextChapter’s features, but one of her favorites is the Comment section on the Case Dashboard.  


NextChapter is lucky to have users like Jann Washington that have been with us from the very beginning. She shows that being a sole practitioner is made easy with the benefits that NextChapter has to offer.