Customer Stories

Chris Nelson

Founded 2012
Customer since 2015
New Haven, CT
Filing/Year: 20

New Haven attorney Chris Nelson has experience in many areas of law and has represented residents of Connecticut facing countless legal issues, including bankruptcy and litigation. After graduating from Quinnipiac University School of Law in 2004, Chris spent time gaining experience by representing clients in superior, federal, bankruptcy, and appellate courts across Connecticut. His passion and dedication to his work led to his receipt of New Haven County Bar Association President's Award in 2015. In addition to his involvement in the legal community and bar association, Chris actively volunteers at organizations in New Haven.


Chris established Nelson | Votto with attorney Stacy Votto in 2012. The firm offers services to help consumers in Connecticut from real estate law to bankruptcy. Chris is truly a distinctive member of the legal space because of his strong efforts to improve lives and educate others.

The ability to work on cases anywhere is a massive quality of life improvement.

Chris has been with NextChapter from the beginning as one of our first Pro users. He started using NextChapter for his bankruptcy cases in April 2015 and has been a fan of our software ever since. Before NextChapter, Chris knew he was missing a software that allowed for collaborating with the rest of his team. Now Chris can easily work with his team and improve the firm’s workflow because of how often NextChapter updates and releases new features. Along with a better workflow, Chris has found that his quality of life has improved since upgrading to a cloud-based bankruptcy software. He now no longer spends hours couped up in his office when preparing and filing bankruptcy cases. Chris enjoys the benefits that come with a modern software, such as NextChapter’s excellent customer support. Whenever Chris has a question, the NextChapter team responds promptly.


Attorneys who are looking for a better way to practice bankruptcy law should consider upgrading their software to NextChapter. Chris Nelson has found collaboration and workflow to be exceptional when using NextChapter. We provide attorneys everywhere with the flexibility they need to enjoy preparing and filing BK cases.