Customer Stories

Owen Hathaway

Founded 2012
Customer since 2016
Fort Collins, CO
Filing/Year: 30

Attorney Owen Hathaway has always been interested in solving problems by presenting innovative solutions. While working in healthcare information technology, Owen discovered that he could make a more direct impact on businesses and individuals as an attorney. Owen left his successful career to pursue law and now has over 6 years of legal experience under his belt. He is thriving as a bankruptcy, healthcare, nonprofit and small business attorney in Fort Collins. Owen recently incorporated bankruptcy into his practice, The Law Offices of Owen Hathaway, and established Clean Slate Colorado to help consumers while also leveraging his expertise. Owen enjoys putting the pieces together, in both his professional and personal life. He builds guitars, furniture, software, and more in his spare time. Owen’s favorite building project is his family. He and his wife have three children and work together at The Law Offices of Owen Hathaway.


Our bankruptcy law firm startup status made the Start plan with NextChapter the perfect pricing model for us.

New to bankruptcy law, Owen was looking for a software that would scale with his growing practice. He found that other bankruptcy softwares didn’t have flexible pricing plans for startups. NextChapter’s Start Plan is perfect for Owen because it allows him to pay per-case. A cloud-based software is an absolute requirement of Owen’s firm. As a mobile attorney, Owen doesn’t sit in an office all day. He “needed a solution that worked on Mac and was easy-to-use while on the road or at home.” Owen’s previous software kept him stuck behind a desktop and wasn’t compatible on his mobile devices. NextChapter has allowed Owen to stay on the move while managing his bankruptcy cases.


Although bankruptcy is considered time-consuming and form heavy, Owen has found that filing cases with NextChapter is easy because of the intuitive filing profile. NextChapter’s integration with Clio is one of Owen’s favorite features NextChapter has to offer his growing practice. Owen Hathaway makes NextChapter work for his growing bankruptcy practice area. He can use his favorite devices, including an iPhone. Appreciative of the security NextChapter offers with the cloud, he has been able to better secure his clients’ data.


Owen Hathaway is “head over heels in love with NextChapter.” He is so fond of NextChapter because it is perfect for his mobile and modern lifestyle. NextChapter provides a seamless solution to prepare, manage, and file bankruptcy cases for experienced and new bankruptcy attorneys alike.