Customer Stories

William Morris

Founded 1993
Customer since 2017
Denver, CO
Filing/Year: 75

Attorney William Morris has been practicing bankruptcy law and litigation for over two decades in Colorado. From his time in law school, William Morris has been active in the legal space. He has been practicing law since 1991 and is admitted to practice in three states. William established Staggs | Morris with Ernest Staggs in 2012. He embraces legal technology to provide the best service for his clients. William is truly a forward-thinking attorney and requires the best softwares to practice bankruptcy law. Because of his “affinity of the underdog” and business difficulties his family experienced, William started practicing bankruptcy law. He understands financial hardships happen to good, trustworthy people. With this in mind, William puts his clients first and does everything he can to turn their life around. William enjoys traveling the world, wood working, and working on website SEO. 

The overall responsiveness of the app and ease of use is the selling point.

Before NextChapter, William used EZ Filing for 25 years. After they were bought out, William was unsatisfied with the platform the app was built on. The product was “slow and buggy” and William needed a change. He came across NextChapter and decided to give it a try. He was looking for a true web-based solution to run his firm on the cloud. William found that in NextChapter, along with customer support that responds promptly and fixes problems whenever they arise. His favorite feature is MyChapter Debtor Portal because it streamlines his client intake. William also benefits from NextChapter’s overall responsiveness and ease of use.


William is able to access client data anywhere on his Windows computer and Google Pixel phone. The cloud has improved his practice immensely because he can take his work with him as he travels the world. William told the NextChapter team that he “can be sitting at a bar in Europe and accomplish anything.”


NextChapter makes managing your bankruptcy practice in the office and on the go simple. Because of the cloud and how easy NextChapter is to use, William has found an innovative way to prepare and file his bankruptcy cases.