Customer Stories

Nancy Jacob

Founded 1989
Customer since 2018
Cincinnati, OH
Filing/Year: 100

Nancy Jacob is a remarkable bankruptcy attorney in Cincinnati, Ohio. While clerking for the Chief Bankruptcy Judge, Nancy found that she really enjoyed the consumer bankruptcy area of law. The experience she gained and encouragement from the judge gave Nancy the confidence to launch her career in consumer bankruptcy law. Just a few years after working with debtors to provide financial relief through bankruptcy, she established her own practice, Nancy V Jacob Law. Over the last few decades, Nancy has helped individuals filing for bankruptcy in Cincinnati and surrounding areas immensely. When Nancy isn't working on bankruptcy cases, you can find her enjoying the outdoors with a good book. Nancy's favorite way to spend her time away from the office is with her family, which includes 4 grandchildren.


Before using NextChapter to prepare and file bankruptcy petitions, Nancy struggled to find a software that allowed her to run her practice on a Mac. She works on three separate Apple computers, so purchasing several licenses and using a virtualization software to run Windows just didn't fit into her practice. With NextChapter, Nancy now operates her practice more efficiently with the cloud. The ability to switch between several devices at home and in the office makes practicing bankruptcy law more seamless than ever. Nancy's work often comes with her while she is away from the office or on vacation. NextChapter allows her to work remotely more efficiently because she can view documents in the client document storage on her iPad while preparing the petition on her laptop.


I really appreciate the help and responsiveness of the NextChapter staff, both in the initial setup when I started using NextChapter and ongoing support.

When Nancy made the switch over to NextChapter after using another bankruptcy provider for several years, she was pleasantly surprised with NextChapter's Customer Success Team. During the on-boarding process, NextChapter provided trainings and other tools for Nancy to master the application. She appreciates the ongoing responsiveness of the team after the initial setup as well.


At the 2019 Annual NACBA Convention, Nancy Jacob stopped by the NextChapter booth to talk about her experience with the application and even request a feature. Because NextChapter strongly believes in making updates based on what legal professionals want, we took Nancy's suggestion and implemented it into the application within a week. While speaking with the team, Nancy also discovered that NextChapter was women founded, owned, and operated. Nancy expressed how proud and excited she was to be working with us; and we're grateful to be working with fellow female business owners like Nancy Jacob to transform the industry.