Customer Stories

Mark Williams

Founded 1994
Customer since 2018
Filing/Year: 180

Attorney Mark Williams practices business organization & reorganization, tax relief and bankruptcy law with exceptional care. In 1994, Mark opened Dededo Law Office with a sole purpose: to assist those who need representation the most. Mark finds that practicing law allows him to make such a large impact on individuals and businesses in his community. With bankruptcy law, he further works to solve the imbalance between corporate financial institutions and individual consumers at risk due to poor exemptions available locally. Ever since he starting his practice, Mark has brought financial relief to the citizens of Guam. When Mark isn't serving his community, he is often reading or raising his family.

Mark discovered NextChapter's bankruptcy software in 2018 and soon realized it was the solution he was always looking for. The flexibility of cloud and automation of data entry with features like our Credit Report Integration made NextChapter the best choice for operating his bankruptcy practice. In addition to preparing local and federal forms with less data entry, Mark streamlines his firm with several other NextChapter features. With NextMessage, a client texting and notification system, Mark has experienced exponential improvements in communications when relaying information about their case. With automated text reminders based on case dates, Mark's and his staff don't have to spend countless hours making phone to keep clients up to date. He also finds that NextChapter's wide array of CRM features allow for more efficient contact management, tracking billable hours and more.

The benefits are extensive and self-evident.

Whenever Mark has a question, he can always depend on NextChapter's Customer Success Team because they are extremely responsive and knowledgeable about the product. Being able to communicate with the team through in-app chat, phone and email make finding solutions easy. With it's extensive set of benefits and elite support, NextChapter is the perfect software solution for attorneys like Mark Williams to better serve clients.