Customer Stories

Julia Jackson

Founded 2011
Customer since 2017
Elgin, IL
Filing/Year: 5

Julia Jackson is an attorney practicing bankruptcy, real estate, and estate planning law in Elgin, Illinois. Since 2011, Julia and Jackson Abdalla Law Group, P.C. have been helping residents of northern Illinois with complex legal situations. After several years of referring out clients to bankruptcy attorneys and receiving bad feedback, Julia saw the need for an exceptional bankruptcy practice in her district. It was then she decided to start handling bankruptcy cases for her clients in-house. Her attention to detail and the ability to connect with clients make Julia Jackson a top Illinois attorney. When Julia isn't working on behalf of her clients, you can find her traveling to and attending her children's swim meets with her family or playing with their energetic dog, Cubby.


Julia started using NextChapter in 2017 when she decided to take the leap and practice bankruptcy law. The simplicity and functionality of NextChapter were invaluable to an attorney who is still rather new to the bankruptcy practice area. Julia found that NextChapter's linear workflow guides her through the bankruptcy petition from top to bottom. She even discovered that the application helped her avoid mistakes: "NextChapter makes it really hard to miss something to include with the filing." NextChapter's fillable prompts and sections, as well as the auto-generating bankruptcy forms, simplify the process of preparing the schedules.

Being rather new to the whole practice area, I like how NextChapter walks me through the entire petition.

Julia loves how NextChapter facilitates the filing with the bankruptcy court. The software generates the forms for filing, allowing Julia to customize the bankruptcy packet to her district's specifications. Her favorite part about NextChapter is how easy it is to pull the signature pages out for her client to sign and re-upload back into NextChapter. And once she is ready to file, Julia can send the packet to the court quickly and without errors.


NextChapter is a full-circle bankruptcy solution, perfect for experienced and new bankruptcy attorneys. Built to guide legal professionals like Julia Jackson through bankruptcy petition preparation and the court filing, NextChapter is the one tool bankruptcy attorneys need to power their practice.