Customer Stories

Nancy Baum Delain

Founded 2004
Customer since 2015
Schenectady, NY
Filing/Year: 15

Nancy Baum Delain is an  intellectual property, business law, and bankruptcy attorney admitted in New York. She is the owner and managing attorney of Delain Law Office, PLLC, a virtual law practice with a physical location in Schenectady. Nancy worked as a technical documentation specialist for over 20 years prior to becoming an attorney. A frequent volunteer, Nancy provides pro bono services through the Legal Aid Society of New York and dedicates her time to several organizations. Nancy has many interests outside of law, including gardening, staying active, singing, and playing the violin. She also takes time to play with her many cats.


For many years, Nancy manually prepared bankruptcy petitions by downloading the forms from the court's website. Knowing there must be a better solution, Nancy found NextChapter. In fact, she was one of NextChapter's beta users in 2015. She now prepares, manages, and files bankruptcy cases more efficiently. NextChapter allows Nancy to fly through data entry, organizing the information and auto-filling the bankruptcy forms. It follows the "bankruptcy petition preparation sequence in a logical way." In addition to streamlining petition preparation, NextChapter offers a great solution for managing several cases and client info.

NextChapter is easy to use and keeps track of all bankruptcy petitions, client info and case statuses.

As a Mac user, Nancy loves that she can use NextChapter on her preferred device. Platform independent, NextChapter is a 100% cloud-based bankruptcy software and is accessible on any browser. Her favorite feature is NextChapter's SOFA review, designed to help users quickly access and edit the data to be included in the Statement of Financial Affairs. She can view all the info she needs to collect from her clients, all in one place.


Cloud-based, user-friendly bankruptcy software is a must for modern attorneys. Benefit from better organization, less time spent on data entry, and much more with NextChapter's online bankruptcy software.