Customer Stories

Shari Taylor

Founded 1975
Customer since 2018
Murfreesboro, TN
Filing/Year: 15

Shari Taylor is an experienced paralegal at the law firm Bulloch, Fly, Hornsby & Evans in Murfreesboro, TN, which focuses on family, personal injury, criminal, SS and VA disability, probate, collections and bankruptcy law. Shari first worked as a paralegal preparing bankruptcies at another firm, and really enjoyed helping clients find relief from their struggles. Filing petitions to eliminate clients’ debt, or setting up a plan for their lives so they wouldn’t have to be harassed by creditors’ phone calls, really gave her a sense of purpose.


When not at work, Shari enjoys heading to the beach and hopes to retire there when the time comes. A Harley lover along with her husband, she loves the speed and the feeling of freedom on a motorcycle. Playing the piano and organ, crocheting, quilting, painting, and gardening is what takes up her free time. Shari raises Yorkies (and has two males and two females) in addition to her cat, and has a pretty good pool shot and loves the competition.


While a paralegal at her previous law firm, Shari used a different type of software to file petitions. But with NextChapter, which she uses on her Windows PC, the ability to integrate the debtor’s credit report right into the application is a huge relief. Using MyChapter Client Portal is especially helpful so that debtors can input all of their information, expenses, and creditors into one place, and all Shari has to do is upload those details into NextChapter. Half of the work is already done!

“NextChapter is the easiest and most cost effective bankruptcy software on the market in my opinion.”

NextChapter is very easy to learn, according to Shari, even if someone’s never used bankruptcy software before. Using the application, it’s only a matter of hours from the time the debtor uses MyChapter and the credit report is uploaded into NextChapter until the Chapter 7 case is ready to file. Even Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases can be completed in a day using NextChapter, she says.


With NextChapter, there's no reason for paralegals like Shari to ever have to click “Save” when working on data entry. She can exit the software, come back two days later, and all her previous edits were automatically saved.


NextChapter makes paralegals' jobs easier by providing simpler data entry and overall integration.