Customer Stories

Francois Choudoir

Founded 2015
Customer since 2016
McComb, MS
Filing/Year: 100

Attorney Francois Choudoir works to help clients all over Mississippi find relief through filing bankruptcy. Francois and his partner Danny Smith opened Smith & Choudoir in 2015, offering legal services in family, bankruptcy, and will & estate planning. Francois specializes in bankruptcy and chancery law at the firm. He tailors his services to each client individually and provides the best solution for each of them. Mississippi State & Mississippi College of Law Alumn Francois enjoys playing golf & pool, along with watching Mississippi State sporting events.


In early 2016, Francois was looking for a cloud-based and Apple compatible software he could trust to manage and file his bankruptcy cases. Francois stumbled upon NextChapter, which fit his criteria perfectly. He wanted to give his firm flexibility and the cloud has allowed him to do so. Without being locked down to a specific desktop, the staff at Smith & Choudoir can work on any computer or tablet. NextChapter's cloud-based platform also makes having two different office locations manageable. Francois can access his cases and case files at either location on the web. Even when Francois or his team isn't at the office, they are still able to work on cases from home.

Members of our firm can use any computer or tablet to access the firm files.

A web-based bankruptcy solution has given Smith & Choudoir a competitive edge. The ability to prepare cases faster and work from anywhere allows the team to better serve their bankruptcy clients. Some of the time saving features that Francois benefits from are Notices A.I., NextChapter's Credit Report Integration, and Chapter 13 Calculator. All of these features aid Francois in obtaining the most accurate information for case preparation which results in better and more efficient filings.


Francois and his team at Smith & Choudoir benefit from being able to collaborate across different devices because of NextChapter. Having different locations and working remotely is both doable and enjoyable with NextChapter.