Customer Stories

Patrick Miller

Founded 2012
Customer since 2016
Cleveland, Ohio
Filing/Year: 180

Cleveland's Patrick Miller at Luftman, Heck, & Associates is a consumer attorney with a passion for helping others. Patrick works tirelessly to defend his clients in matters ranging from Chapter 7 & 13 bankruptcies to foreclosure cases. His enthusiasm for improving lives allow for him to obtain the best solution for his clients. When Patrick isn't working on cases, he enjoys reading history nonfiction, listening to music, and cheering on the Cleveland Indians.


Patrick's years of experience aid to his vast knowledge of the bankruptcy industry. Prior to using NextChapter, Patrick found that he experienced redundant data entry. He input the same information in multiple areas when preparing the petition. NextChapter's linear format has cut down on his time spent entering data.


Modern and forward-thinking, Patrick enjoys NextChapter's contemporary features and its ability to operate on Apple products. The cloud platform has made it possible for Patrick to "safely and securely access files on the go without the common lag time present on remote service access." Patrick also appreciates NextChapter's responsive customer service. Whenever he reaches out to NextChapter via in-app chat, email, or a quick phone call, our support team promptly addresses any concerns.

The setup of the software greatly cuts down on the time needed for the initial consultation because it is set up well for question and response.

Patrick Miller demonstrates that NextChapter offers associates at larger sized firms an improved workflow. With NextChapter, Patrick brought simplicity to a complicated practice area for Luftman, Heck, & Associates.