Customer Stories

Andrew Tice

Founded 2012
Customer since 2018
Des Moines, IA
Filing/Year: 20

Andrew Tice, a solo practitioner with offices in both Iowa and Arizona, is a dedicated attorney with several years of experience in the legal, banking, & real estate industries. NextChapter's cloud-based platform and intuitive interface allow Andrew to focus more on his clients and less on paperwork. Compassionate and diligent, attorney Andrew Tice truly makes a difference in the lives of his clients by providing relief through bankruptcy at Tice Law Firm.


What Inspired You to Become a Bankruptcy Attorney?

I wish my reasons were altruistic but at first, as the son of an attorney, it was the idea of being similarly accomplished and financially secure.  That said, I have always taken pleasure and satisfaction helping others and tackling difficult problems.  Since finishing law school, one of the positions I’ve held was in the default resolution group of a bank, where I helped build and manage a nationwide network of creditor attorneys.  In that role, I discovered firsthand that too many customers/debtors have no practical access to the court system or familiarity and knowledge with the tools and protections available to them.  Now deriving most of my bankruptcy work from insurance companies, I am in a position to help persons in financial distress by providing them the access, knowledge and resources they need to navigate the legal system.


What Are Your Hobbies?

Hike, Run, Stand Up Paddle Board, and tackle small home renovation projects.

I really enjoy the features NextChapter offers and the rate at which they make updates to address customer needs

What is Your Favorite NextChapter Feature?

All of it is great. For a solo practitioner, I love that I can place some of the responsibility and burden of acquiring data onto the client and seamlessly integrate that data in a reliable fashion into the various schedules. I am a huge proponent for automation and efficiency.


How Has NextChapter Made Filing Bankruptcies Easier?

It allows me to handle greater volume than I would be able to if I had to prepare the schedules and file manually. In turn, it allows me to have more meaningful and regular communication with my clients, including bankruptcy clients.


What Prompted You to Start Using NextChapter Over Other Software Providers? 

As a solo practitioner, I needed a solution that was reliable and extremely capable. Also, having a strong preference for Apple equipment, I sought out NextChapter due to its cloud format and compatibility with Apple products.


NextChapter is the solution any solo practitioner needs to manage their firm. Andrew Tice demonstrates that operating your practice in different locations is more than possible with a web-based software. With increased efficiency and faster case filings, NextChapter allows for any practice to grow.