Customer Stories

Todd Mosley

Founded 2009
Customer since 2017
Asheville, NC
Filing/Year: 60

Todd Mosley is a solo attorney in North Carolina with two offices in Asheville and Waynesville. His entire practice is dedicated to providing debt relief through bankruptcy to residents of western North Carolina. Todd found his passion for bankruptcy law during his time at law school. Several of his professors had bankruptcy practice experience and taught stimulating classes that Todd enjoyed. After law school, Todd jumped into a career doing collections and foreclosures and quickly realized it was not the right fit. He decided to "switch sides" and has been representing consumers ever since. When Todd isn't finding the best solutions for his clients, you can find him racing bicycles and molding bicycle frames.


Before opening his practice, Todd worked with debt collectors and learned about the sometimes unfair tactics they use on consumers. He established the Mosley Law Firm in 2009 with the intention of supporting consumers against debt collectors and solving their financial problems. In the last 9 years, Todd has done just that. He has struck the perfect balance between professionalism and compassion with his clients. Todd is recognized as one of the leading bankruptcy attorneys in western North Carolina by both consumers and fellow attorneys.

I can work from anywhere with internet service, whether I'm working from office 1 or 2, my home office, or from the beach.

In 2017, Todd made the switch to NextChapter because he needed a software that provided mobility for his growing practice. He has two offices and often works from home and NextChapter's cloud-based platform made it a no-brainer. He can work from anywhere with internet service - from home, either office, or even at the beach! Todd is unique in that he uses NextChapter on both Mac and Windows. At his offices, Todd works on his PC and at home, he uses NextChapter on his Mac. Todd loves that NextChapter is compatible with both computers and has no change in user experience.


Because he is operating his practice individually, Todd needs a software that expedites the bankruptcy filing process. He files a substantial amount of bankruptcy cases each year and has NextChapter to alleviate the work load. NextChapter allows Todd to take on more cases and better serve his clients. He also enjoys that his BK software is always improving, which in turn improves his bankruptcy workflow.


Todd Mosley is the perfect representation of how solo attorneys can use NextChapter to expand their practice in terms of offices and filings per year. With features that facilitate filings, NextChapter is the software for the modern solo attorney.