Customer Stories

Patrick Best

Founded 2011
Customer since 2018
Stroudsburg, PA
Filing/Year: 100

Patrick J. Best is an attorney in Stroudsburg, PA with years of experience of serving residents of Pennsylvania and surrounding states. He began his career working with clients who have been denied Social Security Disability and other benefits and could not afford legal representation. Patrick is also a distinguished bankruptcy attorney specializing in exceptional customer service and has been recognized as one of the “Top 10 Best Bankruptcy Lawyer in Pennsylvania for Customer Service” by the American Institute of Bankruptcy Attorneys for his dedication to his clients. Enthusiastic about making a genuine difference, Patrick enjoys helping his clients rebuild their lives. Outside of the office, Patrick and his team love taking on challenging escape rooms.


Patrick brings his expertise in disability and bankruptcy law to ARM Lawyers, a multi-office firm that provides representation to clients in a vast amount of practice areas. In 2018, Patrick incorporated NextChapter into the Stroudsburg office in efforts to better facilitate their bankruptcy workflow. After just a few months of using NextChapter, his team is pleased with the results. Patrick and his staff now save countless hours on their bankruptcy filings because of NextChapter's ECF integration, which allows users to file cases through our software instead of through the courts website.

NextChapter has the most intuitive interface of any bankruptcy software I've used. It has made everything easier for us.

In addition to expediting the filing process, the team at ARM Lawyers benefits from smoother petition preparation with streamlined sections such as Property Analysis and the SOFA Review. For enhanced client communication at the firm, Patrick uses NextMessage, a client texting and notification system. NextMessage's customizable text recipes allows Patrick to send automated reminders and updates to clients, ultimately improving the client-attorney relationship at ARM.


With NextChapter, providing outstanding customer service is made possible. NextChapter's revolutionary preparation and filing workflow will limit your time behind a desk so you can focus on your clients needs.