Customer Stories

Leslie Maxwell

Founded 2017
Customer since 2017
Albuquerque, NM
Filing/Year: 25

Leslie is a spirited attorney who is passionate about providing support and aid to those going through financial hardship. Leslie spent 11 years gaining experience and knowledge regarding the industry before establishing Maxwell Law in 2017, using NextChapter from the “get-go.” She was relieved to have found NextChapter, a streamlined alternative for the bankruptcy softwares she used early in her career.


What inspired you to become a bankruptcy attorney?

Helping people who didn't understand what they were getting into. Educating them for the future.


What are your hobbies or what do you do for fun?

I used to be a skydiver but now I raise a couple of great kids and help people get fresh starts.


How has NextChapter made filing bankruptcies easier?

Our clients LOVE the online input of their information. NextChapter also helps us with more traditional information-gathering that people may want like paper forms etc.

NextChapter's best feature is that whenever you think of something they could do better, they do it for you! Talk about customer service!


Has using NextChapter allowed you to spend less time filing and more time with your clients?

Yes!! Not having to manually input statistical information is critical. And any issue, even minor, is promptly addressed via chat or email.


How has using a cloud-based bankruptcy software positively affected your firm?

Fabulous! I can review and look at information from home or on the go. I recently approved a set of schedules on my laptop as I was waiting for a hearing in another case.



Leslie is a modern attorney who benefits from using an adaptive software like NextChapter. She enjoys the freedom of the cloud and innovative features like MyChapter Debtor Portal, which allows her clients to securely input case information and upload documents online. NextChapter’s simplicity and superb customer service make it the perfect fit for beginner filers and those looking to make a switch.