Customer Stories

Mark Little

Founded 1994
Customer since 2017
Madisonville, KY
Filing/Year: 350

Distinguished bankruptcy attorney Mark Little has dedicated his career to helping debtors get a blank slate. Mark is an Army veteran and has received awards such as Meritorious Service Medal, Air Assault Certification and three Army Commendation Medals. Along with his service, Mark is a member of several bankruptcy organizations and is a cornerstone in the legal industry. As an involved member of his church, Mark finds himself very active in his community. In his free time, he enjoys sailing and spending time with his grandchild.


“I love helping people improve their lives through debt relief. It is very rewarding to help people through difficult times in their lives.”


In 1994, The Law Offices of Mark Little opened its doors with the goal of bringing peace of mind to those struggling financially. Mark Little changed with the legal industry and modernized his practice with NextChapter, a flexible alternative to his previous bankruptcy software. As a heavy filer, Mark finds himself in and out of court quite often. With NextChapter, Mark is able to work on cases via the web in between hearings. He can even pull up the case while in court to make corrections or adjustments.


Being able to access my Clients documents while in Court allows me to resolve any issues in a case.

Client Document Storage is one of Mark’s favorite NextChapter features because he has access to case documents anywhere, anytime. The staff at Mark Little’s office appreciates the ease inputting information and benefits from less time spent on data entry. Communicating with clients is important to Mark Little and with NextMessage Client Texting, he has improved client relationships. Reminding his clients of case dates is easy and accessible right through NextChapter. The features that NextChapter offers give Mark Little the tools he needs to enhance his bankruptcy practice.


Legal technology is becoming smarter and faster. Mark Little upgraded his bankruptcy software and found that change is positive.