Customer Stories

Scott Bell

Founded 2000
Customer since 2017
Bakersfield, CA
Filing/Year: 500

Scott Bell, Bakersfield California native, started The Law Offices of Scott Bell in 2000 to help those going through difficult times. He is an instrument rated private pilot and plays tennis! Scott also plays guitar and writes EDM music when he isn’t at the office. Scott’s caring nature inspired him to become a bankruptcy attorney and do the thing he enjoys most - lending a hand to those in need.


“Bankruptcy allows me to really help people who need help but may not know that help is available. A fresh start though bankruptcy can be a life altering event, and I love being able to help people get that fresh start. Also, bankruptcy is a rather unique area of the law where your clients can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and there is a clear, achievable goal at the end of the process. Lastly, many bankruptcy clients have been victimized by predatory lending practices and weak consumer protection laws, and have been taken advantage of by large lending institutions and collection agencies. Bankruptcy allows me to show clients that they have someone on their side”

that [referencing NextChapter] to me is modern, that's the way it ought to be

Scott turned to NextChapter after using other bankruptcy softwares that failed to meet his needs. As an avid Apple user, he was thrilled to finally start using a software that is truly web-based and compatible with Apple products. He uses NextChapter primarily on his iPad Pro and manages his firm completely paperless. The flexibility of the cloud has made it easier for Scott to manage his two office locations - Bakersfield and Temecula. Scott also enjoys working from anywhere, anytime with NextChapter. Scott’s goal is to provide a relaxed atmosphere for his clients - and his team can do this by sitting on a couch with clients inputting information into NextChapter with an iPad.


Scott benefits from filing his cases smarter and faster with NextChapter’s streamlined interface and elite customer support. Whenever he has a question, Scott reaches out to our Customer Success Manager and his problem is solved right away! He even provides the NextChapter team with clever suggestions to make the application better and many of his requests have made NextChapter what it is today!



NextChapter is perfect for attorneys who ready to benefit from a 100% web-based product that is compatible with all browsers and devices  - Windows and Mac alike. Legal technology is changing, and attorneys like Scott Bell are experiencing how NextChapter can make their practice more modern and efficient.