Customer Stories

Sevan Gorginian

Founded 2017
Customer since 2017
Glendale, CA
Filing/Year: 30

Sevan Gorginian is a bankruptcy attorney who is very enthusiastic about the industry. He became a bankruptcy attorney to be the “white knight” that aids those going through financial hardship. When he isn’t in court or meeting with clients, Sevan enjoys “researching bankruptcy nuisances and case law to become better -- all the while enjoying dark roast coffee with fresh unpasteurized cream from his neighbor's cows” He also teaches at Glendale Community College and Glendale Law School where he educates future leaders in the legal space.


Sevan left a larger California firm to establish The Law Office of Sevan Gorginian in 2017. When he was setting up his firm on Clio, Sevan found NextChapter. It was a dream come true compared to the other bankruptcy softwares he had looked into. Sevan loved that NextChapter and Clio communicate with each other! Nervous about starting his own firm and the cost he would undergo, Sevan turned to NextChapter for its affordability. Because of NextChapter’s ease of use and time saving features, Sevan scaled to 30 bankruptcy case filings per year - and counting. He uses NextChapter to file business and personal Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy cases for debtors across Southern California. Sevan is dedicated to serving his clients. His compassion and care make him stand out as a person and attorney. With NextChapter’s responsive customer service, Sevan has been able to spend less time behind a desk and more time with his clients. The intuitive interface has allowed him “to become better at preparing the petition/schedules” which helps him provide impeccable service to his clients.


It's my first year using it [NextChapter] and it has definitely helped me become more efficient with my time.

Sevan has supported the NextChapter team and our product from the start. He is an advocate for NextChapter in the legal industry - continuously recommending us to his colleagues. Sevan has even taken it upon himself to help NextChapter grow with suggestions for the application. Many of his feature suggestions have been implemented into NextChapter!


Favorite NextChapter Features: Client Document Storage, Notices A.I., and e-filing with ECF

Favorite Device to Use with NextChapter: Mac 



Attorneys like Sevan show how great NextChapter is for those who are establishing their own firm or just starting out. With flexible pricing plans and case management tools, NextChapter is the perfect option for attorneys of all calibers.