Customer Stories

Cecil Heaton

Founded 2005
Customer since 2020
Edmond, Oklahoma
Filing/Year: 50

Cecil Heaton practices law at Heaton Law Firm in Edmond, Oklahoma, focusing on bankruptcy, adoption, debt collections, trusts, and estate planning cases. Founded in 2005, the firm specializes in assisting residents of Oklahoma with a wide range of needs.

Cecil enjoyed studying bankruptcy at Oklahoma City University School of Law, and knew he wanted to pursue this area of the law. He approaches his cases with a caring and committed attitude, always focusing on how he can best help individuals and families get through their legal issues. Cecil is dedicated to being honest and understanding when navigating these matters.

NextChapter improves Heaton Law Firm’s processes and streamlines case management from beginning to end. Cecil especially appreciates how responsive NextChapter is, since he’s able to go back and forth between Chapter 7 and 13 requirements to determine which route is best for each client.

NextChapter is a complete system for the start-to-finish bankruptcy practice!

The single-entry data input and easy integration of the tools has also been instrumental in improving and modernizing the law practice. Time is saved when Cecil and his team don’t have to spend a lot of energy on tedious data entry. Cecil’s favorite way to use NextChapter is on his Windows PC.

When he’s not helping legal clients, Cecil loves wood carving and tinkering around with small engines in his free time.

Attorneys like Cecil Heaton depend on modern bankruptcy software like NextChapter to get them through their cases and provide better support to their clients. Intuitive features improve the accuracy of documents, and automation techniques take the guesswork out of task completion.