Customer Stories

Paula Collins

Founded 2020
Customer since 2020
New York, NY
Filing/Year: 120

Attorney Paula Collins founded her firm, the Law Office of Paula Collins in 2020 to help clients in all jurisdictions of New York with bankruptcy cases, trusts, estates, and cannabis law issues. She specializes in helping people find the right solutions to their personal and business needs.

Paula was inspired to practice bankruptcy law to help clients find justice: “Debtors need protection and representation at a time when they feel like nobody else has their backs.” She understands just how tough it can be to go through bankruptcy.

With extensive knowledge of bankruptcy law and the filing process, Paula offers clients and website visitors tips on the biggest mistakes people make in bankruptcy, information about wage garnishments, what to expect after filing, and more.

Using NextChapter has made filing bankruptcy cases easier for Paula. Her favorite NextChapter features are the credit report integration and credit counseling integration. Both of these tools allow Paula and her clients to complete the filing requirements without the extra work. Paula can pull a credit report for a debtor through the case in NextChapter, and invite them to take their bankruptcy course with DebtorCC.

Debtors need protection and representation at a time when they feel like nobody else has their backs.

She also loves that all documents are stored in one secure place on the cloud. With NextChapter, she has more than one case going at a time and keeps things organized. Paula can quickly edit the petitions as her clients send over their information.

She uses her Mac computer to use NextChapter, but the software can also be accessed from any device and any place with an internet connection.

When she isn’t working on client cases, Paula plays classical piano and enjoys chess.

Amazing attorneys like Paula have already found out how much time and energy NextChapter's bankruptcy software saves them on their bankruptcy cases. It streamlines case management with intuitive tools and task checklists, and makes information uploads for clients easier, too.