Customer Stories

Barbara Quinn Smith

Founded 2013
Customer since 2018
Mentor, OH
Filing/Year: 20

Attorney Barbara Quinn Smith practices in Mentor, Ohio in the areas of bankruptcy, civil litigation, and tax resolution law. She’s been working in these areas since 1991 and founded her own firm, the Law Office of Barbara Quinn Smith, in 2013. Barbara has dedicated her career to advocating for consumers and representing individuals in bankruptcy cases of all kinds.

Barbara attended Case Western Reserve School of Law and has been widely published, even authoring a section on Ohio law in the ABA’s Survey of State Class Action Law. She has a strong background in class action litigation, obtaining multi-dollar settlements for consumers. But she found that area to become more and more challenging because of forced arbitration and class action bans that are widely found in consumer contracts. Barbara recognizes that consumers have a significant disadvantage in the justice system “that is compounded by the huge increase in debt collection lawsuits.”

She thus wanted to make a shift to bankruptcy law. “I hope by representing debtors that I can help level the playing field,” she says

NextChapter's interface is intuitive, which makes it easy to get the right information in the right place.

NextChapter has been integral to Barbara’s practice in the last couple of years. She loves how the Chapter 13 Calculator speeds things up when working on cases. NextChapter’s real-time calculators are specific to each district and help attorneys avoid having to switch from screen to screen or use spreadsheets when figuring case information.

Barbara loves how intuitive our bankruptcy software is, ensuring that it’s fast and easy to manage information and ensure accuracy. She uses the application on her Mac computer, but it’s also accessible from any browser and any device.

When Barbara isn’t working on her legal cases, she spends time with her puppies. She has a Lhasa Apso, Shetland sheepdog, Pitbull mix, and American foxhound that keep her busy!

Barbara Quinn Smith is one of the many amazing attorneys who have upgraded their law firms with NextChapter. See how you can improve law firm workflows by signing up today.