Customer Stories

Felipe Lorenzo

Founded 2010
Customer since 2021
Long Beach, CA
Filing/Year: 50

Felipe Lorenzo is an experienced paralegal working with Lever Law. The firm was founded in 2010 in Long Beach, California, and focuses on bankruptcy, civil settlement, and estate planning, handling about 50 bankruptcy cases each year. Lever Law is now in the process of moving to a completely cloud-based, virtual office, so using the latest technologies and tools is a must.

Felipe started working as a paralegal to pay the bills, but he quickly gained satisfaction from helping people in financial distress. He says the work helped him realize how fortunate he is and gave him lots of gratitude for what he has.

NextChapter’s legal software makes Felipe’s job a lot easier. He especially loves that it’s all cloud-based, so he can work from anywhere, filing cases anytime!

NextChapter is up in the Cloud. I can work anywhere. It's freedom, just like the song.

Felipe uses NextChapter on his Windows PC and is able to use all the intuitive features to streamline the way he handles and processes cases. Data entry is faster, and tedious paperwork doesn’t take as long to complete. Features like NextChapter Notices, the Client Portal, and the Credit Report integration help paralegals complete cases with automation tools.

When Felipe isn’t working as a paralegal, he loves to get outside, biking, hiking, rollerblading, and playing tennis. He also enjoys martial arts, playing the piano, keeping up with self-improvement books and activities, and volunteering with nonprofits.

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