Customer Stories

Christopher Perkett

Founded 2019
Customer since 2019
Filing/Year: 2

Today we’re highlighting one of our amazing users, Christopher Perkett. Chris co-founded OPLaw, LLC in 2018, located in Bristol, Vermont. Legal areas handled at OPLaw include criminal defense, family law, bankruptcy, employment law, and landlord/tenant law. Chris is one of Vermont’s most experienced criminal trial attorneys and has successfully argued over 100 trials.

Chris first started using NextChapter in 2019 for bankruptcy cases on his Windows PC, and his firm takes on a couple of bankruptcy cases per year. He wanted to work in bankruptcy because he saw that Vermont has a big need for legal professionals since most in this area are reaching retirement age. He wanted to make a difference in his community by supporting those who need to get out from under the crush of debt.

By having everything organized in easy-to-use templates, NextChapter's system makes it simpler to collect and collate all the necessary information needed to file Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcies.

NextChapter’s templates for filling out and filing schedules are Chris’s favorite features, and he says that “the virtual paralegal is a godsend.” Paralegal as a Service helps lawyers like Chris get expert help on their cases when they don’t have the time to complete paperwork and other time-consuming tasks. As Chris puts it, “NextChapter’s paralegals are professional, friendly, and quick.”

Chris also loves how NextChapter makes it easier to collect and collate Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy information. He says that the system helps him make sure no details are missed.

When Chris isn’t serving his clients, he loves hiking, cycling, and sailing.

Our great customers like Christopher Perkett make everything we do at NextChapter worth it! Sign up for free today to join tech-savvy attorneys like Chris who want to make their practices more efficient.