Customer Stories

Alexander Sanchez

Founded 2011
Customer since 2019
Filing/Year: 140

Alexander D. Sanchez is a bankruptcy attorney in Arizona who’s been using NextChapter since 2019. In 2011, he founded his firm, the Law Office of Alexander D. Sanchez, and files about 140 bankruptcy cases every year.

While he was in law school, Alexander served with Douglas County Legal Aid in Kansas and got to represent underprivileged youth who were defendants in the criminal system. He started to see how valuable it is to pull for the underdogs, and that mindset pushed him toward bankruptcy law.

He loves being able to “lift people out of the grips of creditor chains.” He believes that the debtors vs creditors dynamic is like David vs Goliath, and creditors continue to have very aggressive collection tactics and lawsuits. He believes that bankruptcy helps even the playing field.

NextChapter allows Alexander to work on his cases from any device that can connect to the internet. It gives him tons of flexibility in how and where he works, which is especially important as he tries to manage his work-life balance.

I can access the software from anywhere in the world on virtually any device.

He particularly appreciates the Client Portal, as it’s allowed him to make the switch from paper to online packets, which his clients love. The portal also helps him maintain a small staff (he works solo!) so he can continue offering affordable prices to debtors.

Alexander used another bankruptcy software for eight years before signing up for NextChapter. He’s a Mac user and the other software just didn’t work well with his computer, and they failed to make updates to keep the software usable. After using NextChapter for two years now, his workflows are significantly improved, and he can access cases much faster and prepare them more efficiently. He’s had amazing experiences with NextChapter’s customer service team and loves that he can chat with an associate if needed. Alexander says that NextChapter has been a great blessing to his firm!

When Alexander isn’t helping bankruptcy clients find debt relief, he enjoys expressing his artistic side by creating family videos. He dabbles in music composition and is perfecting his culinary skills. Alexander also enjoys playing basketball and watching his favorite sports teams, and he always loves spending time with his wife and four boys.

At NextChapter, we love being able to help attorneys like Alexander D. Sanchez create better workflows and processes for their bankruptcy cases. Learn more about how you can improve your firm by signing up for free today!