Customer Stories

Randall R. Saxton

Founded 2013
Customer since 2019
Madison, MS
Filing/Year: 20

Randall R. Saxton is an experienced attorney practicing with Saxton Law, PLLC, founded in 2013. The Madison, MS, law firm specializes in bankruptcy, estate planning, IRS installment agreements, workers’ compensation, and business formation law. Randall was inspired to enter the realm of bankruptcy because he wanted to focus on an area that directly helps people, and bankruptcy does just that.


When he’s not helping clients, Randall enjoys spending time with his family and dog. His favorite hobbies include traveling and photography. Randall has also written two books, Red Sky Warning and Bankruptcy: The Path to Recovery, and serves as the JAG officer for the Mississippi State Guard and on the Board of Directors of the Mississippi State Guard Association.

Being able to walk away while the case is filed is wonderful.

Saxton Law integrated NextChapter into its operations in 2019, and Randall’s favorite part of the application is our ECF integration. He can file bankruptcy cases for his clients without leaving NextChapter. This feature is a huge time-saver for Randall because he doesn't have to wait for the petition to fully be filed before moving onto the next task. After he clicks the button to file, Randall can simply walk away and closeout of NextChapter knowing the case will be successfully sent to the court.


Randall also benefits greatly from NextChapter's cloud-based functionality. It is fully compatible with mobile devices and different computer brands, including Mac computers, which is what Randall uses.


Built to assist large law firms and smaller practices like Saxton Law, NextChapter is adaptable, intuitive, and mobile, making it your full-circle bankruptcy solution.