Customer Stories

Robert Fugal

Founded 1988
Customer since 2018
Orem, UT
Filing/Year: 25

Robert Fugal is an attorney practicing in the areas of bankruptcy, estate planning, veterans’ benefits, and Medicaid planning. As a managing attorney at Bird & Fugal, Robert helps clients in Orem, UT get a firm financial foundation when they're struggling.

After his clerkship with U.S. Magistrate Alan D. Christensen, Robert worked as a law clerk for the Honorable Eckhart A. Thompson, a U.S. bankruptcy judge for the Eastern District of California, Fresno Division. He was then hired as an associate with the firm Ryder and Walter. While there, Robert learned just how much he enjoyed helping people solve their debt problems. This led him and Kevin Bird to venture out and start their own law firm in Utah, focusing on helping clients find relief from the crushing burden of debt.

When he’s not in the office, Robert enjoys spending time with his family, camping and swimming at freshwater lakes, gardening, and seeking out natural health practices.

Importing creditors from the credit reports saves a lot of time in preparing a case for filing.

Bird & Fugal started using NextChapter in 2018, and the tool saves the firm lots of time when filing bankruptcies. One feature they find especially helpful is the credit report integration, which allows attorneys to pull tri-merge credit reports within the software and import creditor information into the bankruptcy schedules. This integration eliminates unnecessary data entry for Robert and his staff.

NextChapter's online portability makes it possible for Robert to work effectively at home and the office. He can pick up right where he left off and access his entire firm on any device, no matter his location.

Modern attorneys like Robert Fugal need solutions that provide more flexibility and connectivity. NextChapter is a cloud-based bankruptcy software that can be accessed from anywhere, supporting remote working trends that are becoming more popular in the legal world.