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Outsourcing for Lawyers

Imagine a perfect world where everyone's time is spent in the best and most efficient way possible. Every task that needs to get done would get done with ease and accuracy. This kind of world is achievable and the key to getting there is outsourcing. The hiring of remote workers is something that hasn't always been accepted, but nowadays it's getting more popular to hire employees that work virtually. Read on to see how outsourcing remotely could greatly benefit your law firm.

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Fastcase Revives Print with Full Court Press

Fastcase is an industry-leading software designed to make legal research more comprehensive and intuitive. A complete nationwide law library, Fastcase has everything from case law and statutes to court rules and law review articles. The intuitive software democratizes legal services by allowing lawyers and law firms to move through their research smarter and faster.

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NextChapter: Women-Led

NextChapter is not your typical tech company and with the help of this campaign we're showing that to our current female users, attorneys and any other women out there looking for inspiration. Join us over the next month as we celebrate powerful women of history and women currently paving the way!

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Bankruptcy Software for Petition Preparers

Petition preparers play a critical role in law firms as independent contractors, virtual paralegals, or virtual assistants. Working on behalf of an attorney, bankruptcy petition preparers gather essential bankruptcy documents, communicate with the debtor, and complete the bankruptcy packet for attorney review. With NextChapter, attorneys and their petition preparers can work together efficiently and seamlessly from intake to filing without ever leaving the app.

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Using NextChapter for Client and Firm Management

A streamlined workflow is key to enhancing your firm's overall management. Taking advantage of tools to help you organize leads and manage cases and clients is an essential step in automating your firm. NextChapter is an online bankruptcy software for the modern attorney that offers many different features to help with client and case management. Take a look at all the great ways NextChapter automates your firm management.

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