Clio 2020 Legal Trends Report
Clio recently released its 2020 legal trends report! Read our summary of key findings here.
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Published on Nov 11, 2020



Clio has released its latest Legal Trends Report, which provides a glimpse into what life has been like for lawyers this year. Faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, attorneys have shifted to working remotely and providing continuous support for clients in need.


It’s more important than ever before that attorneys work from a place of compassion and understanding as we all try to get through these difficult times together. Attorneys can start to build a better normal, both for clients and the legal industry, by pivoting to meet the moment.


Here are key findings from the Clio report that we want to highlight at NextChapter.


Key insight #1: Clients in need may have more trouble getting help right now.

The report says that 77% of legal problems never get legal help. In 86% of civil cases, low-income people either get no legal help or receive inadequate help. What does this mean for lawyers? With COVID-19 still prevalent, clients in need have even more barriers to getting the help they need. They may also be facing sickness, lots of medical bills, and additional stress and worry.


Source: Clio 2020 Legal Trends Report


These obstacles give you as an attorney more opportunities to be there for people in need, whether by offering pro bono services or getting the word out there about your practice.



Key insight #2: Consumers want you to be online.

One way you can support your clients right now is by embracing technology. Take a look at a few of these key statistics about consumers’ preferences:

  • Most consumers (69%) prefer electronic document sharing
  • Over half of consumers prefer video calls over the phone
  • 65% of consumers want to pay electronically
  • 50% want to meet via video while you’re handling their legal issue

However, clients don't always perceive that lawyers are using these technologies. This means that it's important to share your modern workflows and what advanced technology you will use to meet their needs.


Source: Clio 2020 Legal Trends Report



Electronic payments.

Not only does boosting your online engagement help your clients, but it also means growing your practice. The Clio report shows that in 2019, firms who used electronic payments saw $10,429 more per lawyer. This number is expected to increase to $15,179 this year.


And, lawyers collected 7% more revenue if they used electronic payments, and in 2020, this went up to 11% in February and into early summer. In August, it went up further to a 16% increase per lawyer.


Source: Clio 2020 Legal Trends Report


Why? Because electronic payments give clients more flexibility. Give your clients what they want by offering payment options like Venmo and PayPal. Let clients know that you accept these payment methods by listing them on your website and Modern Attorney profile.



Client portals.

Firms using a client portal saw between 2% and 5% in increased growth in 2020 when compared to firms that don’t use one. They also collected $16,556 more per lawyer in 2019, and that may increase to $23,587 when all is said and done for 2020. In addition, firms using a client portal saw up to 21% in more revenue in August.


Source: Clio 2020 Legal Trends Report


It’s clear that client portals make it easier for you and your clients to stay in touch and streamline processes. Consider making the switch to meet your clients where they are.



Read the full Clio report

It’s never been more important to be there for your clients through thick and thin. The new Clio Legal Trends Report shows just how much clients have shifted their priorities, and want to work with attorneys who use modern technology and can support them electronically.


Read the full Clio report for many more important insights!