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Finalists Announced for Clio Launch // Code

Clio, the leading legal practice management software company, is holding its annual Clio Cloud Conference—#ClioCloud9—on October 21 and 22 in San Diego. In conjunction with the conference, Clio has created the Launch//Code contest, in which legal tech innovators who have an integration with Clio Manage compete for the title of Best New Integration.

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Becoming a More Customer-Centric Law Firm

A new trend has arisen for businesses across industries: fostering a more customer-centric culture. For attorneys, this trend is especially relevant, since so often cases are dependent on a positive attorney-client relationship. Law firms, therefore, need to focus on putting clients first to stay competitive in today’s culture. So what does it mean to be truly customer-centric, and how can you do it?

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Find an Attorney with the NextChapter Directory

Hiring a lawyer can seem overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time. Not only do you have to narrow down by practice focus, but then you’re presented with a list of names, knowing nothing about each individual person. And it’s crucial to find the right person for your specific situation and needs, as you need to work with someone you trust and can effectively communicate with. Here’s where to start.

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Lead Generation for Attorneys

The best part? NextChapter does the work for you. We collect the leads and send you their information if they’re interested in your services. We also pass along all the details about their legal situation so you’re informed when you speak to them. Leads are delivered right to your inbox and minimal work is required of you.

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5 Books Every Lawyer Should Read

Lawyers: Make space on your bookshelves for these must-reads. It’s hard to narrow down the vast number of books out there that can assist with professional and personal development. We’ve decided to help and present these top five essential reads for lawyers, broken down by category.

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