Meet the Team: Sara Taylor
Sara Taylor is NextChapter's amazing Paralegal and Operations Specialist! Learn what makes her unique.
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Published on Nov 19, 2021


Here at NextChapter, we put our customers first with the help of team members like Sara Taylor. Sara is our Paralegal and Operations Specialist, helping NextChapter grow our Paralegal as a Service offering and making our software the best it can be.


Sara is a pro at testing our products, like NextChapter Docs and Client Texting, and giving feedback to make sure each product is the best it can be. She also is in charge of Chapter 13 plan and district-specific updates. Sara also manages our virtual paralegal offering, helping with workflows, assignments, and escalations.


Sara has loved seeing NextChapter grow each year and how involved the team is with customers. She is a former paralegal and has always had a passion for the law. She translates that passion into helping attorneys with the NextChapter software and learning about everything that goes into making it happen.


Sara's one productivity hack: “Do it now so you don’t have to worry about it later.”


As a former NextChapter user herself, Sara says her favorite feature is, hands down, NextChapter Notices. This tool allows legal professionals to organize court notices with automation and reduce quarterly PACER statements. Notices are automatically saved and hearings are added to the firm calendar. When a court notice comes in, NextChapter labels it by type and assigns it to the right case.


When Sara isn’t helping NextChapter users connect with virtual paralegals, she’s spending time with her dog Cooper, reading, watching movies, or engaging on social media.


NextChapter wouldn’t be successful without amazing team members like Sara Taylor! We’re so lucky to have her on our team.