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Published on Nov 17, 2021



Improving your document management processes has never been more important. One study showed that information workers spend 11.2 hours a week dealing with document management challenges, and at least six of those hours are completely wasted time. Lawyers lose up to 2.3 hours a week searching for the right documents and 2 hours creating documents they can’t find.


What’s more concerning is that all this wasted time on document creation and management costs law firms over $9,000 per lawyer per year, leading to a 9.8% productivity loss.


NextChapter Docs helps law firms generate documents and forms with ease. Attorneys can build templates and use automation to streamline document creation. Let’s look at all the benefits of using NextChapter Docs and using custom fields, now available for all practice areas.


Benefits of NextChapter Docs

Generating legal documents takes up a lot of time. With NextChapter Docs, it’s much faster and easier to create whatever forms you need for a client. With this solution, you can:


Select your practice area(s) and create custom fields

Start by setting up your account for each practice area you offer at your law firm in account settings. From there, create custom fields using SALI standards that will populate when you start a new case and can be filled in with important info. More on setting up your account for all practice areas here.




Upload or create templates

If you already have law firm templates you want to use again and again, upload these in the editor and customize as needed. Or, you can create a new template that is stored in the tool for future use.



Use automation

When you go to create a new document in the Doc Creator, you’ll see all your custom tags on the left-hand side of the screen. Simply drag and drop the field wherever you want to put it in the case document. Where applicable, data will autofill into legal forms when you need to generate something new using a template. This means data is more accurate and it all gets completed with just a few clicks. Don’t forget to save your changes at the top of the page.




Customization options

You’re not tied down to use a template as-is every single time. You can customize each of your documents after you generate them. You can insert your firm’s letterhead on templates or build something new.



Intuitive features

There are no complicated or confusing tools when you use NextChapter Docs. The interface is simple and intuitive, and the editor will be familiar to you since it’s just like other word processors you use.



Streamline processes

With automation and a better storage solution, you no longer have to search for documents or create new versions just because they can’t be located. Everything is organized by practice area, making it easy to keep track of documents. These tools help you save time, and time is money.



Unlimited documents

There’s no limit on the number of documents you can create or store. Your templates will always be available in the case files within the cloud-based application.



Coming soon

NextChapter is releasing a Forms Exchange where attorneys can upload their form templates to the marketplace for other attorneys to purchase for their own use with Carolyn Elefant of MyShingle as the first Forms author. Stay tuned for more info!



NextChapter Docs is now available for all practice areas, so it’s not limited to bankruptcy. Check out our pricing options for NextChapter Docs plans today!