How to Increase Client Satisfaction as a Bankruptcy Lawyer
Build trust and use the latest tech tools to improve client satisfaction for your bankruptcy clients.
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Published on Jan 25, 2022


Are you looking to improve client satisfaction at your law firm? Happy clients help you build trust and foster more meaningful relationships with people you’re helping through the bankruptcy process.


So, what can you do to increase satisfaction now? First, we’ll go over why it’s so important to have it on your radar.



Why is client satisfaction so important?

People want to work with bankruptcy attorneys they can trust, who they always know are on their side. When clients are satisfied with the way their lawyer communicates, their workflows and systems, and their transparency, they’re more likely to be happy with the entire bankruptcy process. They’ll also likely recommend your services, helping you continue growing your practice.


Your clients are the reason you have a law firm, after all, so make sure you’re always considering their needs and desires. Practice patience and remember that clients are going through a challenging time when they’re dealing with bankruptcy.



5 tips for boosting client satisfaction

There are a few simple ways you can start improving client satisfaction now. Here are a few steps to take to get started:


1. Offer flexible communication methods

Legal clients now love the ability to talk to their attorney instantly on their smartphones. Offer Client Texting from NextChapter, which allows you to send and receive messages in a more personal format. The best part? You can send automatic reminders about upcoming hearings and due dates, making sure your clients never miss another deadline!


2. Update your online features

With the pandemic and an ongoing push for remote work, people want to take care of business from home. This means using a tool like an online payment system and integrating a client portal so that clients don’t have to deal with a lot of physical paperwork. NextChapter’s Client Portal allows you to handle all intake remotely, and NextChapter Payments makes it a breeze for clients to view invoices and pay online.


3. Focus on building trust

One of the most important parts of improving client satisfaction is building trust with your clients. Make sure you’re always there for them and return calls or emails promptly. Personalize your services based on their specific needs and situation.


4. Include a credit counseling integration

Another tech tool you need to boost satisfaction is a credit counseling integration. From NextChapter, for example, you can invite clients to get their requirements completed, track their progress, and import their certificate of completion into NextChapter directly. These tools help you and your clients stay on the same page and ensure courses are completed on time.


5. Use a cloud-based bankruptcy software

Everything is easier when processes can be managed in one place, both for you and for your clients. Using a bankruptcy software like NextChapter allows you to store everything in the cloud so information can be referenced from anywhere, on any device. You can use automation tools and integrations that will make all bankruptcy workflows much faster.


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