Why Lawyers Should Learn to Delegate Tasks
Start delegating tasks now to reduce stress, free up time and mental space, and grow your practice. Paralegal as a Service helps you do it in a cost-effective way.
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Published on Dec 14, 2021


It’s easy for attorneys to become overworked. There are always a million things to do, and you probably want to handle most of them yourself so you know they get done the right way. But, failing to delegate means you may be dealing with unnecessary stress and missing out on time savings that comes from getting some extra help. These roadblocks can get in the way of continuing to grow your firm.


Here are a few great reasons why you should be delegating some of your tasks.



Reduce stress

It’s an understatement to say that lawyers are busy professionals. From bringing in new clients to supporting and communicating with them to managing all case details, there are always many moving parts to manage. Paperwork and data entry can be especially time-consuming and tedious. When there are so many things to do, lawyers become stressed and have no time for themselves. It’s easy to keep putting less time-sensitive responsibilities or projects on the back burner, and they build up fast.


Delegating means some of those tasks can be managed by someone else so you have more time to stay organized and on top of everything. And, you may even have enough time to relax once in a while.



Free up mental space

It’s hard to stay creative, focused, and motivated when there’s so much going on. When you’re trying to do every single task yourself, none of them are really getting your full attention. To fully support your clients and provide the best legal services possible, you need to have enough mental space. Delegating means you’ll have just that, as someone else can help you tackle the day-to-day stuff that gets in the way.



Grow your practice

With less stress and more time on your hands, you’ll also be able to focus on bringing in new clients and growing your law firm. Maybe there’s a new technology that you’ve been thinking about integrating into your workflows, but you haven’t had the time or energy to make it happen. Perhaps you’ve been wanting to create a new position or hire a contractor, both of which could help your bottom line in the long run.


Deciding to delegate means you can take these kinds of steps to continue improving your practice.



Why hire a virtual paralegal?

A great way to get started with delegating is to hire an on-demand paralegal from Paralegal as a Service. NextChapter works with the most experienced virtual paralegals who can help you from anywhere. They perform the same tasks as an in-house paralegal, but you can hire them on an hourly or case-by-case basis. So, it’s a cost-effective, easy way to get the extra help you need.


Start delegating tedious tasks to virtual paralegals, lower your law firm costs, and grow your practice in no time. Learn more about Paralegal as a Service today!