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Switching Legal Software

Whenever a new technology is introduced in your practice, there will always be some kind of learning curve. New software is no exception, but remember that using innovative tools for your law practice will be worth it in the end. Modern software improves workflows, increases law firm efficiencies, and makes your entire team more collaborative and productive. You’ll no longer have that frustration of outdated, slow, and buggy software, and everything will move quicker.

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What the Right Tech Can Do for Your Law Firm

Keeping up with the latest technologies is essential for any type of business in our modern world. For lawyers, this means staying ahead of the competition by utilizing the latest and most advanced software on the market. Software for attorneys helps your practice improve workflows and make processes more efficient, so you can spend less time trying to work with outdated, buggy software, and more time focusing on what matters: your clients.

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Meet the Team Monthly: Trace Daniel

Meet Trace Daniel, NextChapter's Business Development Manager. Trace joined the NextChapter team in July with 9 years of experience in entrepreneurship and business development. Completely new to legal tech, Trace enjoys the challenge of learning and working in a new space. Trace's high-energy and enthusiasm for building relationships and providing attorneys with the best tools to grow their business is what drives his work at NextChapter. He is excited about showing attorneys a software that makes their firm more efficient and thus, more profitable.

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Lawyers: Take a Break

The law is a demanding field. Whether you’re an attorney or a legal professional, you’ve probably worked after hours taking client calls, responding to emails, finishing up petitions before the end of the month… and the list goes on. It’s hard to disconnect, as many lawyers think they always have to be plugged in. While this can be helpful to clients, never unplugging will start to take its toll. With smartphones and more mobility in our digital age, you have access to your email in your pocket. While this is a positive most of the time, this can lead to you constantly checking email and never really taking a break from work.

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Why You Should Practice Bankruptcy Law

One of the benefits of practicing law is that there are plenty of new avenues to pursue if you feel like you’re able to take on more. If you’re looking for a way to expand your impact on your community, consider adding bankruptcy law to your practice. This area provides a lot of variety to your work and impacts a large portion of the population (there were 767,721 nonbusiness bankruptcies filed in 2017, according to US Courts data).

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