Benefits of Joining an Attorney Directory
Joining an attorney directory is a great way to reach potential clients and stay competitive. Read this blog post to find out more.
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Published on Sep 14, 2020


To build your practice’s online presence and to round out your firm’s marketing strategy, consider joining an online attorney directory. These sites put your name in front of clients in your area who are seeking legal services. It’s more important than ever to expand the ways you reach new clients in need.


Here are the top benefits of joining an attorney directory.



Benefits of joining a directory


Stay competitive.

By joining a directory, you’re putting your practice out there in new ways, allowing clients to compare your law firm to others in their area. Not all lawyers are on these directories, so you’re giving yourself a competitive edge by joining. You can also list what you do to go above and beyond for clients, like online payments, weekend appointments, or virtual consultation options.


Showcase all your details in a profile.

Another great thing about an attorney directory is that you can highlight your personality, qualifications, education, and fee structure, all in one place. Present everything your clients need to know in a clean, organized format to make it easy for them to do their research.


Increase your credibility.

When you’re part of a directory, clients will quickly see that you are legitimate and can learn more information about you by visiting your website. Just like many legal clients seek referrals from friends and family, when clients see you come up in search results in a directory, they’re more likely to connect with you.


Reach more clients in need.

Finally, by showcasing your practice in an attorney directory, you’ll be able to reach more people in your area who are in need of legal services. This is just one more avenue in which you can make meaningful connections.



Why join Modern Attorney?

So which attorney directory is right for you? Modern Attorney is the perfect option for lawyers who want to improve their online presence and give their profile more personality. You can customize your profile to showcase the ways in which your practice is tech-savvy, including alternate payment methods you offer or the modern ways you interact with clients, like video meetings and client texting.


Show clients your hobbies and interests outside of work on your profile so they can create a picture of who they’ll be working with. This builds more client trust and will inspire them to reach out and schedule a consultation with you. Highlight your payment structure, too, so that everything is transparent and clients won’t be surprised later. Modern Attorney helps you stand out from your competitors in these ways.


When you decide to use Modern Attorney, client inquiries can be imported directly into NextChapter if you already have an account in the software. This helps you manage your leads quickly and easily. Sign up for Modern Attorney today!