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Lawyering During the Pandemic

Being a lawyer during the COVID-19 is uncharted territory, and you may feel lost or unsure of what to do. Read this guide to find tips and best practices for running your law firm during this difficult time.

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The Bankruptcy Court Filing Process

While filing for bankruptcy can look differently from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, there is generally a straightforward process to follow. Here’s an overview, and a look at how NextChapter helps attorneys file bankruptcy cases for clients electronically.

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Bankruptcy Case Management Software for Lawyers

Case management software is vital for any bankruptcy attorney to succeed. Find out more about our top pics for this software here.

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Conducting Bankruptcy Client Intake

Client intake, one of the first steps in the bankruptcy process can be very hard since debtors may be overwhelmed. As a legal professional, it's vital that you make the intake process as easy as possible for clients. Read this post to find out how.

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The Remote Client Journey

With more people seeking remote services, you may not know what a typical remote case looks like or how to best help your clients. Read this post to find out about the typical remote client journey, and get tips and tricks to help you best serve your

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