Why you Need to Switch to a Fully Cloud-Based Bankruptcy Software
NextChapter is an innovative cloud-based bankruptcy software platform that helps lawyers streamline the process of preparing, managing, and filing bankruptcy cases.
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Published on Feb 10, 2023

Why you Need to Switch to a Fully Cloud-Based Bankruptcy Software

NextChapter is an innovative cloud-based bankruptcy software platform that helps lawyers streamline the process of preparing, managing, and filing bankruptcy cases. Trusted by thousands of attorneys, NextChapter is the best choice for bankruptcy software for lawyers.

But what are the benefits of switching to the cloud, and what makes NextChapter different from other online bankruptcy software? What features separate NextChapter from other Chapter 13 bankruptcy software? How is it the most intuitive and efficient bankruptcy software for lawyers?

Let’s dive into the answers.

Why Choose Cloud-Based Software Over Desktop Software?

The simple answer to why you should consider cloud-based online bankruptcy software is that the world is evolving regarding how we work and collaborate. Thanks to the rise of remote work, organizations can empower employees to work from anywhere in the world, and cloud-based software can improve organizational agility and help firms scale.

NextChapter also allows multiple people to work on a case simultaneously, which is often impossible with desktop software. Whether you’re an attorney, paralegal, or legal assistant, you can gain access and collaborate on cases as needed. In fact, a NextChapter annual subscription allows up to 6 users (an additional fee can be paid for 7+ users).

Our cloud-based Chapter 7 bankruptcy software also enables unlimited storage, which is useful for law firms that need to conveniently but securely share access to documents, files, and cases. It also offers a more seamless and smoother user experience than desktop software.

Nextchapter’s cloud-based bankruptcy software lets you access cases from any browser, on any device, at any time. But what makes NextChapter different from best case software or other online bankruptcy software?

Why Should You Choose NextChapter Over Other Cloud-Based Bankruptcy Software?

While there are many online bankrupt software platforms, NextChapter is unique because it was designed and built with the cloud in mind from the beginning. This is a massive difference from the best case bankruptcy platform, which was built with the desktop in mind.

We also make it easy for law firms to switch to our platform from competitors like best case bankruptcy. A staggering 90% of users who switched platforms are satisfied with NextChapter’s speed, security, and support. We know that other Chapter 13 bankruptcy software platforms exist, but what makes NextChapter bk the leading online bankruptcy software in the world?

Here are some additional reasons why NextChapter is the best Chapter 7 bankruptcy software option.

An Intuitive Interface

At NextChapter, we believe in making sure our interfaces are easy to use rather than being complicated and challenging for no reason. The goal is to offer an interface that makes it seamless for legal professionals to access the information they need. This is one reason why so many lawyers switch to NextChapter from best case legal software.

Our customer Barbara Quinn Smith had this to say about the NextChapter interface:

“NextChapter’s interface is intuitive, which makes it easy to get the right information in the right place.”

Personalized Support

One major benefit of NextChapter is that we offer personalized support. Our users enjoy access to a customer success team eager to guide you through our features, troubleshoot any issues, and address any additional questions or concerns.

Our customer Brittany May, an Ohio paralegal, claims that it’s our support that really helps NextChapter stand out from the competition:

“The staff at NC is outstanding - great customer service, quick responses, and very friendly. Much better than some other bankruptcy software providers. Highly recommend!”

Unique Features

While we’ve already demonstrated why NextChapter is the best bankruptcy software, some additional features still make it even more innovative and useful.

One of those features is NextChapter Docs, which allows users to create templates and automatically generate legal documents to save time. Our Bankruptcy Web Workflow also helps you eliminate double or triple data entry and avoid other tedious and time-consuming tasks.

How would we be the best bankruptcy software without a convenient way to communicate with clients? Enter NextMessage, a way for tech-savvy lawyers to text clients, access communication history, and receive relevant notifications. Of course, capabilities can be enabled or disabled based on client preferences.

MyChapter is another example of how NextChapter is far superior to Best Case software. MyChapter is NextChapter’s 100% cloud-based client portal, which is built for both personal and business filings. It’s mobile-friendly, customizable, and offers a quick way to edit and review documents.