7 Legal Journals for the Modern Attorney
Stay on the cutting edge of law with these 7 legal journals.
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Published on Aug 10, 2023

The legal industry is fast-paced and ever-changing, but it can be tempting to stick with old "tested and trusted" systems of operations.   However, the emergence of new laws and technologies, such as AI, now make it mandatory for stakeholders in the legal industry to keep up with trends. When you keep up, you get product and service ideas that match clients' current needs, notice opportunities and threats quickly, and prepare for impactful contingencies, giving you a competitive advantage over other firms.

Online legal journals are the easiest way to begin updating and refining your skills as a modern lawyer, and to facilitate this pursuit of knowledge, here are some of the best Journals to use:


LawNext by Robert "Bob" Ambrogi is an excellent legal news source. Robert has championed the integration of law and technology for many years of his life. As such, he has been writing and speaking about legal technology and innovation for over 20 years. As a lawyer representing news organizations and a qualified journalist, Robert can handle his fair share of work, and he has spent years working on his portfolio by working on other legal blogs before deciding to create his own.

Robert created the first internet newsletter for lawyers, legal.online and employs similar services on his blog LawNet where he covers a wide range of topics related to law, legal technology, innovation, legal education, and the future of the legal profession. It aims to provide insights into the evolving landscape of law and how technology shapes how legal services are delivered.

Lawnext keeps legal professionals and other interested persons updated on the doings in the legal industry via blog posts and podcasts. This implementation is a fantastic way for people to learn on the go. The podcast typically involves in-depth interviews with legal practitioners, entrepreneurs, and other professionals impacting the legal industry, to discuss issues and pass relevant information across to others.

LawNext episodes are typically available for streaming or download on various podcast platforms, making it easily accessible to legal professionals, students, and anyone interested in legal tech and innovation.

The renowned blog site talks about the newest emergences of the world and how to infuse them in tech, such as how to incorporate Ai into legal spaces, contract management, and 

other intersections between law with the tech. Lastly, LawNext is known for analyzing various law firms and organizations and promises to help younger legal practitioners and everyday people make the right choices.


Above The Law

Above The Law is another outstanding legal journal that spreads its wings far beyond the scope of law (hence its name). This blog looks at the law and its convergence with fields, including technology, medicine, government, energy and litigation. It targets legal professionals, law students, and anyone interested in legal news and commentary.

This journal is published by Breaking Media which is a network of sites, e-newsletters, podcasts and social media channels. This online journal carefully looks into the behind-the-scenes of the legal profession and how it relates to other settings, covering insider information, rumors, and gossip related to law firms, lawyers, and the legal academia. The website injects humor into its delivery, making its tone and messages fun, entertaining and educative. 

The brains behind the blog also produce a podcast series featuring interviews with legal professionals, entrepreneurs, and experts. The platform also offers newsletters that cover a wide range of practical topics, plus a resource library where you can get online resources and ebooks on various topics, from hiring to project managing, internships, and many more. It is one that legal practitioners are sure to cherish.



Lawyerist is a well-known online community and platform that supports and offers resources to legal practitioners, especially those with solo or small law firms. The blog is self-proclaimed to be "here to change the business of law," especially in light of the fact that the legal system has mostly remained unchanged for centuries.

Lawyerist is determined to change the game by creating healthier ways for legal systems to exist. To achieve this, the Lawyerist team reevaluates clients' intake and onboarding process while ensuring that firm owners are comfortable working healthy work weeks, properly managing all their finances, and getting their deserved ROI. This blog aims to assist lawyers in navigating the hurdles of running their own firms, improving their skills, and staying current with industry changes.

This website is the one-stop shop for starting, running, and developing a law firm with a healthy strategy through coaching and expert business guides across the board. 

Law Street Media

Law Street Media is a digital journal that provides news, analysis, and information to make legal news more accessible and engaging to a broader audience, including law students, legal professionals, and the general public. This journal practically thrives on working with analytics while exploring topics from agriculture, cybersecurity, and emerging tech to health. The aims of this website include using the latest research and analytics tools to stay ahead of the curve and providing easy and accessible content for all. 



Law360 is a subscription-based legal news and information service that remains true to its name: ensuring users are always connected to legal information going on worldwide. It comprises a network of renowned journalists, editors, legal experts and data scientists who are committed to making information easily accessible by using the most advanced technology to ensure subscribers are fully informed.

Law360 is known for its comprehensive reporting, timely updates, and in-depth legal news analysis and trends. This database is open to everyone as millions of readers use it to stay updated on issues worldwide in order to gain a competitive edge.

Law360 also provides expert analysis on a diverse array of legal practice areas, including litigation, intellectual property, corporate law, labor and employment, environmental law, and more. It provides news and analysis on court cases, regulatory changes, legislation, legal trends, and other relevant developments to legal professionals. 

As stated earlier, Law360 requires a subscription to make the best of the blog. Subscribers get firsthand access to exclusive content and information as soon as it drops.


ABA Journal

The ABA Journal is a widely recognized and respected legal publication in the United States, created by the American Bar Association for legal practitioners, including lawyers, judges, academics, and law students. It serves as a primary source of information to update all members on subsequent legal news as they break, and provides apt analysis from over 4,000 legal blogs and expert lawyers in different fields.   It is one of the oldest publications in the United States. 

The acclaimed legal journal also goes in-depth into stories from the most-read legal affairs magazines worldwide, explored and explained by top researchers and experts. The ABA Journal covers a wide range of legal topics, including legal news, analysis of significant court cases, commentary on legal issues, practice management tips for lawyers, profiles of legal professionals, and discussions on law and technology. The content aims to be informative, educational, and relevant to legal practitioners and enthusiasts.

The American Bar Association, generally support legal professionals and the public through programs, education, and legal system enhancements. Readers don't always need to log into the website to receive premium information as the journal offers two newsletters, the weekly free newsletters and the monthly tech newsletter. 

Members of the American Bar Association or magazine subscribers also have exclusive access to the monthly magazine via iTunes, Kindle Fire and Google Play, giving them access to valuable legal content.


Harvard Law Review

Harvard Law is one of the most prestigious institutions in the world that cuts across different categories of people. The Harvard Law Review, founded in 1887, is a student-led journal of legal scholarship.  Although independent of the Harvard Law School administration, the Harvard Law Review is a completely student-led initiative composed of a board of editors who are second and third-year law students chosen through a writing competition at the end of each academic year.

It is one of the world's oldest and most respected law journals. It has a rich history of publishing cutting-edge legal scholarship options and has been a platform for some of the most prominent legal minds.

The Harvard Law Review typically publishes several issues annually, containing articles, essays, and book reviews on various legal topics. It has monthly publications from its physical print review, its online counterpart forum and its online blog. These media are open to writing submissions all year round, and student editors review and select submissions based on factors like the quality of the scholarship, originality of ideas, and relevance to current legal issues.


As enumerated above, legal blogs are a great way to keep up with the latest legal trends and stay ahead, as they offer a wealth of knowledge and insights. These journals collectively provide a holistic view of law, innovation, and industry trends, and resources that significantly contribute to the intellectual growth and practical excellence of the legal community.