The Benefits of NextChapter's Payment Integration
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Published on Feb 23, 2023

NextChapter is dedicated to revolutionizing the way bankruptcies are prepared, with a mission to provide the most efficient and streamlined software solution for modern attorneys and paralegals. We take pride in enabling new payment integrations to make our software more accessible and convenient to our clients.  

We're thrilled to highlight our partnership agreement with Usio (Nasdaq: USIO), a leading integrated electronic payments provider. This partnership aligns with our mission to deliver our clients the most intuitive and efficient application possible. As a result, two of the three largest legal software developers for bankruptcies can now benefit from Usio's Payfac-in-a-box technology.

By taking advantage of NextChapter Payments, law firms can benefit from streamlined processes immediately. Here are a few reasons to consider exploring these payment integrations.

It’s Faster

One of the most important aspects of being a modern attorney is remaining at the cutting edge of technology, and NextChapter is that cutting edge. With legal technology evolving so quickly, this partnership is crucial because it means law firms collect fees faster while maintaining compliance. 

NextChapter is not just streamlining workflows, but also ensuring that law firms get paid quicker. It’s also important to note that it isn’t just bankruptcy payments that are streamlined. With this Usio integration, these streamlined payment integrations work for NextChapter Payments in all areas of the law. 

NextChapter is also faster than competitors because it was built as a cloud-based technology from day one. Usio serves multiple industry verticals with its PayFac-in-a-box solution and helps facilitate payments in a single ecosystem. With this integration, payments are faster than ever before. 

Janine Sickmeyer, the Former CEO of NextChapter, said, "Partnering with Usio provides an incredible opportunity for our attorneys and their clients. With the payment integration, NextChapter attorneys can securely process client payments online using our bankruptcy software through a client-facing portal. This is a game-changer for NextChapter users because it makes it possible to collect legal fees faster and with ease while maintaining compliance and generating more revenue for their firm."

It’s Cost-Effective

Our partnership with Usio also benefits our clients because it’s much cheaper when compared to alternatives. In fact, Usio even offers price comparisons for users if they provide their current bill or the past 2-3 months of processing statements. 

Law firms are always looking to cut costs wherever they can, and our payment integrations can help reduce costs and save firms time, money, and headaches. With NextChapter’s partnership, it’s clear that attorneys and law firms can improve their cash flow through payment integrations. 

It’s Easier

Finally, payment integrations with NextChapter make the entire user experience more seamless. Everything can be completed and accomplished within the app, making it easier for users to manage payments and get the job done. 

The technology has made it so that users can access NextChapter anytime and anywhere, which gives law firms a competitive edge that helps them deliver results for their clients. Our online portals are so easy to navigate that they can be understood by users. 

Consumers are also looking for convenience, as well. According to the 2022 Clio Trends Reports, an overwhelming 70% of consumers want the option of paying a lawyer via a payment plan. This Usio integration makes it easier for NextChapter attorneys and clients to reach these new consumers with evolving expectations. 


Usio's payment facilitation platform is designed with security in mind. The platform uses the latest encryption and tokenization technologies to protect sensitive payment information. 

This partnership ensures that these security features are available to NextLegal attorneys and their clients, helping to protect against fraud and other payment-related risks.

Additional Integrations

NextChapter also boasts integrations that allow users to sync calendars. The platform allows for the integration of tools like Google, Outlook, and iCloud to schedule hearings, client meetings, and more. 


In conclusion, the partnership between Usio and NextChapter Legal provides significant benefits to users. The partnership streamlines payment processing, increases security, improves cash flow, provides better customer service, and offers a competitive advantage. 

As the demand for payment facilitation services continues to grow, partnerships like this one will become increasingly important in helping businesses meet their payment processing needs. The fact that Usio integrates payments for fees beyond just bankruptcy payments also means that NextChapter can help law firms of all kinds scale. 

Start streamlining your workflows and collecting fees with NextChapter Payments today!