How a Credit Report Integration can Simplify your Firms Bankruptcy Filing
Read about credit reports for bankruptcy filings and our integration with Xactus!
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Published on Mar 22, 2023


Bankruptcy attorneys require access to credit reports. However, it can be expensive and time-consuming for attorneys to find credit reports. Our credit report integration feature makes it much easier for attorneys to obtain and manage these reports for their clients.

NextChapter boasts Xactus credit report integration, empowering users to access and manage credit reports within the platform easily. For those who might not know, Xactus offers real-time consumer credit report monitoring and provides a modern mortgage experience with industry-leading speed, reliability, and accuracy.

How To Set Up Credit Reports

For users interested in finding out how to set up credit reports, the first step is to complete the application located on your Settings page. The application can be found in the Credit Report Integration section. 

Once the application is complete, a third-party inspector will be in touch to determine a date and time for an on-site inspection. Once this inspection is complete, NextChapter can authorize your account to pull credit reports as needed.

For those who may not be aware, an on-site physical inspection for consumer reporting agencies has been required by credit bureaus in 2003. This is a mandatory and necessary layer to help protect both Nextchapter users and consumer data. 

To pull credit reports in NextChapter, you’ll need the SSN (Social Security Number) of the debtor. The reports will be generated, and the creditors will then be imported into the Secured Claims and Unsecured Nonpriority Claims sections of the app.

What Is Xactus?

Xactus is the leading verification innovator for the mortgage industry, with its main goal being to “advance the modern mortgage.” Xactus is a new company emerging from the combination of 7 of Canada’s largest mortgage verification companies. 

NextChapter is partnered with Xactus to provide a comprehensive tri-merge credit report from all three bureaus:  Equifax®, Experian®, and Transunion®. Credit reports from Xactus are all-inclusive, ensuring all your bankruptcy cases have complete and accurate information.

Our Xactus integration clearly helps our users save time and money, and stay compliant. Import Xactus credit reports directly into NextChapter and print a PDF for your client using NextChapter’s credit report integration!

Evolving Updates/Announcements

At Nextchapter, we firmly believe in doing everything we can to serve our users. In this spirit, NextChapter continues to offer continuous updates to make sure that we can streamline workflows and help attorneys save both time and money as they run their practices. 

From client intake and initial consultation to bankruptcy discharge, NextChapter offers an array of products and services to keep you moving to the next chapter of your law practice. Stay tuned to our blog section to learn more about additional updates, features, integrations, and announcements. 

We are excited to announce our latest platform update, where we have migrated to a new API for even better service. Our previous API implementation separated secured and unsecured claims based on logic. 

However, with the new API, we have gone a step further to enhance the system by including the "consideration" designation for unsecured claims, which is based on the "Account Type" listed in the report. This means that NextChapter now provides more comprehensive and accurate information for our users.

Additional Integrations

Our Xactus integration is one of many other NextChapter integrations focused on offering a more seamless and convenient experience for bankruptcy attorneys. NextChapter’s additional integrations to automate and streamline work for attorneys and paralegals.

Our additional integrations offer similar benefits, further streamlining the filing process and reducing the risk of errors. For example, our Usio integration helps NextChapter streamline payment processing and also protects the platform by utilizing the latest encryption and tokenization technologies to protect sensitive payment information. 

Our Clio integration also helps our NextChapter users remain organized and allows them to sync data between NextChapter and Clio. To find out more about our Clio integration, start here

In conclusion, integrating Xactus into NextChapter is a significant step in simplifying bankruptcy filing. By allowing attorneys to obtain and manage credit reports within the app easily, NextChapter has made the bankruptcy process more efficient and less overwhelming.

We look forward to announcing additional updates and integration to help modern attorneys improve their practice, streamline their workflows, and prepare/file bankruptcy forms easier and more seamlessly.