Effectively Transitioning from Best Case to NextChapter
You may be used to your current bankruptcy software, but it may be time to update. Here is how and why you should transition from Best Case to NextChapter.
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Published on Jun 14, 2022

It can be a hassle having to switch or learn new technology. However, change is often a great thing! Technology is ever-changing in this world - typically for the better! And advancements are made to create efficiency and save time.

With NextChapter, filing bankruptcies is easier than ever. There will always be a learning curve, but the small amount of time you put into the learning process will save you an immense amount of time in the future.

You may be asking yourself, why switch?

NextChapter's team is made up of paralegals, attorneys, and engineers who combined their experience to create revolutionary law firm software. Moving from Best Case to NextChapter, you will find a more user-friendly and intuitive variety of tools, services, and support.

Having cloud-based software means you can access all your work and data anywhere, anytime! The business world has changed significantly in the past two years, making cloud-based software more necessary than ever. NextChapter’s cloud-based software creates an efficient collaborative experience along with free and unlimited storage. On any of our annual plans, NextChapter allows firms to have unlimited filing for up to 6 users. Attorneys and paralegals have access to all case information from wherever and whenever.

In search of cloud-based software, Attorney John Skiba made the switch in 2017 and hasn’t looked back. Skiba, when referring to using NextChapter with his out-of-state paralegal, mentions, “It’s seamless, it’s like we are still in the same office”.

Best Case now has a cloud-based option, but NextChapter was built from day one as a cloud-based technology. We have perfected a system using the cloud from the beginning, significantly reducing the number of possible hiccups that come with the switch from desktop software to the cloud. When Attorney Skiba was looking for a cloud-based option he found NextChapter was the way to go stating, “Best Case’s option was kind of clunky and it wasn’t something I could use with a Virtual Assistant (Virtual Paralegal)".

After Skiba switched from Best Case to NextChapter, one tool he deems notable is the MyChapter Client Portal. Receiving all of the correct documentation promptly from a client can be like pulling teeth - back and forth emails, documents in different places, etc. NextChapter is a one-stop-shop where the client fills out all of the necessary information and uploads their documentation. In Skiba's experience, all you have is cleanup.

Beyond the Client Portal, NextChapter includes a variety of time-saving features and add-ons.

Paralegal as a service

Let NextChapter be your assistant for all things bankruptcy with our virtual paralegal team. That’s how we started, after all.


Use NextMessage client texting to send automated reminders and stay in touch with your clients.

Doc Creator

Streamline document generation and avoid manual data entry at your law firm with the Doc Creator.

Go to the NextChapter vs. Best Case Comparison Page to view a complete comparison of pricing, features, and more.

How do you make the switch?

When you have years of client data stored in your existing software, transferring client information can seem daunting but our users are often surprised at how little it affects their cases. You likely have paper copies on hand and uploaded to your computer, we will save all notices going forward, we offer unlimited document storage and we can easily import whatever you are able to export from your previous provider.

We recommend starting all new cases in NextChapter and finishing existing cases in Best Case since your case data is already input. Some attorneys have also opted to work with both systems for a short time to allow for a slower transition, especially if your license renewal hasn’t approached yet. If you are thinking of switching to NextChapter and you still have a while to go on your annual plan with Best Case, you have the option to use NextChapter as a per-case software, that way you get the practice in before you fully integrate.

NextChapter is here to help you along the way.

NextChapter has plenty of options to help train you and your team. You can watch our webinars on Crowdcast or training videos on Youtube. Tutorials and step-by-step guides are also available in our help center. Our Customer Success Team is happy to help you with any questions or problems you come across and offer a very convenient in-app chat to help answer your questions timely and accurately.

Not only will our team and resources help you seamlessly transition, but they will also help train your new staff! Attorney John Skiba started NextChapter as a solo attorney but has grown his firm with little to no trouble. He explains, “With a turnover of staff and things like that, that’s always a big concern - it takes so much to train, especially if the software is not intuitive… NextChapter is not, it is very straightforward. I’ve had no issues training staff.” He utilizes the training videos when onboarding new staff and doesn't need to take extra time away from his current cases.

View our webinar “Transitioning from Best Case to NextChapter with Attorney John Skiba” to hear firsthand from someone who has made the switch.