How Your Firm Can Streamline Client Intake
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Published on Apr 07, 2023

One of the biggest challenges with respect to law firms today is offering a streamlined and seamless client intake process. This is extremely important to law firms of all kinds because it’s an opportunity to make a positive first impression on the client. Still, it’s especially relevant to bankruptcy law firms because it’s such a sensitive matter. 

NextChapter Legal was also built with both business and personal filings in mind. You can create your bankruptcy case and then invite your client into our portal, MyChapter, to create a more seamless communication channel. 

What is MyChapter?

Thanks to NextChapter’s online portal, MyChapter, law firms can now streamline the client intake process and also gather the necessary documents for an legal practice area. Instead of spending hours manually gathering information, clients can now enter information in our online questionnaire. 

After the information is entered, users can review and make updates as needed. When you upgrade to the Start+ or Pro+ plan, you and your clients get unlimited access to the MyChapter client portal. For larger law firms, this means you can invite and import as many cases as you need. The MyChapter portal is also mobile-friendly, meaning that clients can upload information from any device, anywhere in the world. 

Another significant benefit of MyChapter is that information can be customized and personalized as needed. For example, law firms can add their logo or customize the questionnaire for their specific case needs. Whether you want to add personal notes, enter specific instructions, or edit settings, MyChapter is a customizable experience that can help your law firm save hours on every bankruptcy case. 

How MyChapter Works

MyChapter was first available for personal business filings, but it can now be utilized for business bankruptcy filings. 

What information will the client be entering? Here’s a list of what clients will be expected to provide:

  1. Contact Information

  2. Real Property

  3. Personal Property

  4. Vehicles/leases

  5. Personal Items

  6. Bank Information

  7. Interests

  8. Creditors

  9. Income

  10. Expenses

  11. Dependents

  12. Additional supporting document

Once you have received the information from your client, you can easily review and make necessary updates. The initial section of the tool includes a feature that even allows you to adjust the capitalization (in case your client entered their information entirely in uppercase).

While reviewing your client details, you can remove or modify any inaccurate or outdated information. If there is any missing or erroneous data, you can return the portal to your client, who can then update or add the necessary information and resubmit it for review. You can repeat this process as often as needed BEFORE importing the information into NextChapter.

If you’re still interested in learning more about how MyChapter works, check out this webinar.

What’s coming next?

NextChapter Legal remains hard at work launching new features to help law firms manage their bankruptcy cases. We’re excited to announce that MyChapter is now available in Spanish. This can help your law firm attract and retain an entirely new clientele.  

With your annual subscription, users can enjoy the automatic updates we will be rolling out shortly. We’re already working on not only making MyChapter available for all areas of law beyond bankruptcy but also helping expand NextChapter into all areas of law regarding workflow automation. 

When it comes to legal matters, trust is paramount. That's why with NextChapter, you can have peace of mind knowing that your legal needs will be met with the utmost professionalism, accuracy, and efficiency. Our MyChapter portal is designed to help you streamline the client intake process.

NextChapter is committed to being your partner in legal success. Stay tuned for exciting updates regarding the future of NextChapter!