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Marketing Tools for Law Firms

Marketing is one of the best ways to build and grow your law firm. Find out ways you can upgrade your marketing strategy and make a meaningful impact by reading this post.

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Modern Attorney Directory Profile Suggestions

Learn best practices for setting up your Modern Attorney Directory Listing.

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Improve Your Online Presence & Reputation with Modern Attorney

In our digital age, your online presence is one of the most important parts of your practice and greatly impacts your ability to get new clients. Younger generations use the internet for everything, and finding products and services in their area is no exception. They are increasingly going online to find attorneys, and the information available to them with a few clicks determines who they’ll hire.

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What Millennial Clients Look for in an Attorney

There’s no escaping the fact that millennials now make up a good share of your client base—and that share will continue to increase. Millennials are projected to become the largest generation in 2019, overtaking Baby Boomers, according to Pew Research. To stay competitive, you need to adapt to the needs of these clients. Here’s how to keep impressing millennials to get more clients and stand out from other attorneys in your area.

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Newsletters for Lawyers

Use Newsletters to provide meaningful information and various topics to your audience via email. In fact, statistics show that email marketing yields an average of 4,300% return on investment. Providing informative, relevant content on a regular basis is essential for any law firm, so we've outlined a few tips for getting started.

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