A Guide to Marketing Your Law Firm to Potential Clients
Marketing your law firm to modern clients requires a strong presence on social media, a great website, and profiles on online listings and directories.
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Published on Apr 14, 2021

Whether you’re starting a new practice or have been in business for years, your marketing strategy needs consistent attention. Today’s legal clients are online, and you need the right digital content to meet them there. This guide will walk through some of the most important factors to focus on when marketing your law firm.



Social media for lawyers

Consumers now use social media platforms to connect with their favorite brands, from clothing to fast food to tech. But lawyers can also take advantage of the fact that 3.96 billion people around the globe use social media. The legal world may be newer to social media, but now, 96% of attorneys surveyed by Attorney at Work say they’re on social.


Platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram let you create customized ad campaigns so you can target your ideal audiences with relevant, engaging content. You can use images, video, or text to reach people. Try creating an infographic with statistics your legal clients will care about, or creating a video introducing yourself and your firm. Continue to share news and industry research on your pages to establish authority. Use surveys and polls to directly engage your followers with questions.


Make sure you track metrics when using social media. Social networks have built-in tools for businesses to gather engagement data and analyze what potential customers are doing so you can keep improving your approach.



Local listings

A strong online presence for your law firm requires that you show up on local listings. Create a Google My Business account with a complete Business Profile so clients can see where you’re located and find you quickly via a Google search. This account also helps you control how your information shows up on Google Maps.


Yelp is another great place to create a profile since users love to be able to read reviews and learn more about your practice quickly.



Lawyer directories

Similar to local listings are lawyer directories. These platforms also allow you to create a profile with a photo, description, and practice area list, and clients can find you based on their location. While there are lots of attorneys on these sites, legal clients love to be able to compare lawyers so they can decide who they’d feel comfortable working with.


Consider joining a directory like Modern Attorney to strengthen your online presence. Benefits include showcasing your personality, qualifications, and education, but also the modern technologies you use to serve your clients. You can highlight alternative payment methods or communication strategies like client texting, which help clients get a picture of what working with you will be like.



Website tips for attorneys

Of course, your website can often be the best jumping-off point for clients. No matter where they find you online – social media, local listing, or directory – they’ll probably click through to your website before making a decision. Your website is where you can really focus on what matters most to you. Here are a few tips when creating a website:

  • Keep your home page simple and visually appealing
  • Use consistent tone and design elements, including color scheme and font
  • Show off your personality, including your hobbies and why you wanted to practice law
  • Highlight what makes you unique by talking about your core values and vision
  • Include information about how you meet with clients, whether online or in-person or both, and let them know you run a flexible practice to meet their needs
  • Include a professional photo of yourself
  • Make it clear how they can get in touch with you

Remember to keep your website pretty straightforward and easy to navigate. You should also create a simple URL that clients can remember easily.


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