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Attorney Directory: First

Part of growing your law practice is ensuring that clients can find you. Because most people use online searches to find their products and services these days, they have a strong online presence to be digitally searchable. NextChapter was the first legal software to also introduce an online attorney directory to help our attorneys get more clients. The Modern Attorney Directory makes you easy to find, and clients can instantly look over your credentials, personal information, and fees.

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Janine Sickmeyer at the Women of Legal Tech Summit

NextChapter Founder and Managing Director, Janine Sickmeyer will be speaking at the Women of Legal Tech Summit. Janine is a former Legal Technology Resource Center (LTRC) honoree as one if its 2017 Women of Legal Tech.

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Our Favorite Legal Trends for 2020

The practice of law changes every year with each trending development, many of which aim to improve the way law firms operate. With the introduction of AI and machine learning into the modern office and the continuous updating and enhancement of these technologies, there are even more opportunities for streamlining as you plan for the year ahead.

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Live Chat Support: First.

When you have a question about your law firm’s software, your business won’t pause until you get an answer. That’s why you need a support tool that’s instant, and a live chat support feature can be the perfect solution. NextChapter is the first bankruptcy software to offer an in-app, live chat support solution. Our in-app chat is integrated into our software for attorneys, and we have a team of dedicated customer success specialists who answer your questions instantly. And we’re not talking about chatbots—you’ll be speaking to real people who are experts in all things NextChapter.

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20 Reasons to Switch to NextChapter

Now that we're settled into 2020, it may be time for new software for your law firm. NextChapter provides a host of benefits for bankruptcy attorneys, ranging from streamlining processes to improving communication to enhancing your online presence.

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