NextChapter: Expanding Beyond Bankruptcy Software
Learn about how NextChapter started as Bankruptcy software and has expanded to all areas of law!
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Published on May 15, 2023

The NextChapter Software which started out as a cloud-based bankruptcy tool has now become a multi-faceted legal asset attorneys use for case preparation and management as well as online filing. The success of NextChapter's bankruptcy tool inspired an expansion of its services. In this post, we'd explore NextChapter’s features outside of its bankruptcy tool and highlight future expectations from the brand. Let's get into it!

What is NextChapter?

NextChapter was established in 2013 to simplify bankruptcy procedures for lawyers and their clients. They revolutionized the traditional bankruptcy filing method, which was time-consuming and prone to mistakes, frustrating both lawyers and clients. To overcome these challenges, NextChapter created a cloud-based bankruptcy filing program that automates several legal procedures. 

The software provides various functions, such as document management, court notices, and case tracking. The software helps reduce errors and save time for attorneys. The software also has a client portal enabling clients to provide the required data, like their personal and financial information, which the attorney can import to NextChapter. 

Major Features of NextChapter

Workflow automation and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions are two of the significant features that NextChapter now provides for law firms. Law firms may provide better client service and generate more income by streamlining their processes and increasing efficiency.

Workflow Automation in All Areas of Law

The workflow automation technologies from NextChapter are made to assist law firms in whatever scope of practice to automate routine chores and procedures, including document assembling and client intake. Law companies can save time and eliminate errors by automating these processes, increasing their output and profitability while offering their clients better service. Here are some of the main capabilities of NextChapter's workflow automation tools:

  1. Document Assembly and Creation

The time-consuming and error-prone process of document assembly and creation can be automated by law firms using NextChapter's software. Reusable custom legal document templates can be made by law firms using NextChapter. The process of filling in the relevant information by clients is also automated.

  1. Client Intake

The client portal in NextChapter's software enables clients to enter essential data and always stay in touch with their lawyers. This feature makes it simpler for lawyers to obtain the relevant information from clients without double entry and aids law firms in streamlining the client intake procedure.

  1. Task Management

The task management mechanism in NextChapter's software enables attorneys to create checklists and task lists, allocate work to particular people, and monitor their progress on each case. 

  1. Email Integration

NextChapter's software interacts with email systems, making it more straightforward for law firms to handle their email communications and communicate with their clients. With the NextMessage, attorneys send messages delivered as SMS and email notifications to clients.

Fully Customizable Client Relationship Management: Custom Fields

One of NextChapter's standout features is its fully customizable Customer Relationship Management (CRM), enabling law firms to manage their client connections better. It helps legal firms better manage their client relationships by keeping track of client interactions, setting up appointments, and controlling billing and payments.

Customer Relationship Management’s ability to build custom fields is one of its many significant features. Law firms can gather and keep track of client data specific to their areas of practice or operational requirements using custom fields. For instance, a law firm dealing with intellectual property matters can effectively monitor data on clients' patents or trademarks.

Tracking and analyzing data about clients has never been easier. The following describes our custom fields: You can quickly gather client information with NextChapter's custom fields and include it in your writing, messages, client portals, and more!

For various legal specialties, CRM software is entirely adaptable. Based on the precise data attorneys need to collect, they can choose from various field types, including long text, dropdown, radio, and checkbox fields. They can also easily duplicate those nested fields for improved data collection and nest fields within options.

Additionally, they can combine the information from our custom fields with various applications, like document automation, client texting, and client intake. Doing this can save time and streamline a legal business in just a few simple clicks.

Case Management Tools 

NextChapter is made to make it simple for both firms and attorneys to handle their cases. The case management toolset offered by NextChapter includes a calendar, projects and checklists, a time tracker, and a payments tracker. 

  1. The calendar function allows lawyers to set up meetings and deadlines effortlessly and quickly view their schedules. Keeping track of all your key dates in one spot is simple. 


  1. To ensure nothing is overlooked, attorneys can construct tasks and checklists specifically for each scenario. As it makes task monitoring simple, this tool is especially useful for teams working on one case together.


  1. The time tracker tool lets attorneys quickly track the time spent on each task, ensuring that billable hours are appropriately recorded. This function is very helpful for legal professionals who charge by the hour.


  1. The payments feature simplifies handling payments associated with a case. From the NextChapter software, attorneys can generate invoices, send payment reminders, track payments, and even accept payments online. This function ensures that all payments are appropriately tracked and recorded while also streamlining the payment process.

Future NextChapter Updates 

NextChapter Immigration is one of its future initiatives; it is a specialized case management solution made especially for handling and filing immigration cases. Attorneys will have access to a wide range of tools for managing their immigration cases. Features include document management, case monitoring, and paralegal assistance. 

Additionally, it will provide capabilities for managing deadlines and ensuring that all important actions are completed on time. NextChapter Immigration is positioned to revolutionize the industry. Firms and attorneys will find it easier than ever to manage their immigration cases effectively, thanks to the extensive feature set and client-focused approach.


All in all, NextChapter's success in the market for bankruptcy software has enabled the business to diversify its products and services. NextChapter is transforming the legal sector and enhancing the delivery of legal services by giving cutting-edge tools to law firms. The collection of case management tools is a strong option for organizations and individuals wishing to automate their case management procedures.