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NextChapter's Chapter 13 Package helps attorneys like you improve the filing process.
Oct 08, 21
Fall is the perfect time to check in with yourself. Whether you're still working at home or are going back to the office, these tips will help keep you moving forward.
Sep 27, 21
Kelly Torres is an awesome Customer Success Specialist who loves helping NextChapter clients make the most of the software.
Sep 21, 21
NextChapter has made a few updates over the last few months that improve our software even more!
Sep 15, 21
A Bloomberg survey found that 71% of bankruptcy attorneys want remote work to continue. What are the pros of working remotely and how can you make sure your firm is prepared to remain digital for the long haul?
Published on Sep 03, 2021
Stress can be a major issue for lawyers who are overworked. Find out how to stress less here.
Aug 30, 21
NextChapter is hosting a fireside chat on August 18 at 2:30 pm ET with team members, and attendees will get a special offer!
Aug 12, 21
Making sure your clients are satisfied is one of the best ways to establish long-term relationships and to keep your practice growing. Find out more here.
Aug 06, 21