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5 Books Every Lawyer Should Read

Lawyers: Make space on your bookshelves for these must-reads. It’s hard to narrow down the vast number of books out there that can assist with professional and personal development. We’ve decided to help and present these top five essential reads for lawyers, broken down by category.

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3 Ways to Earn CLE Credits

Getting CLE credit may seem like a daunting task, or just a hassle in your already packed schedule. But, CLE credits are extremely valuable for keeping up with the law, networking with fellow attorneys, and getting invaluable advice on your current cases—not to mention that there are mandatory CLE requirements to consider. It’s smart to be strategic about how you earn your CLE credits. Really think through what will make you a better lawyer, not just what will get you the credit you need. Diversifying the ways in which you get your credits is one way to make the process a little less tedious. As such, try these three ways to earn CLE credits.

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Virtual Law Firms

As the relationship between technology and the legal field evolves, the practice of law transforms. Attorneys and legal professionals embrace new ways of working and serving clients. In this technologically-advancing field, many law firms are becoming virtual, or adopting some aspects of the remote-working environment. Read on to learn some tips and tricks for successfully implementing a virtual law firm and how it could grow your practice exponentially.

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Social Media Guide for Lawyers

Social media is perhaps the most widely-growing technology worldwide. It's rare to find a person in this emerging world who doesn't use social media. People everywhere use it to catch up on news and trends, communicate with others, and discover new services and products. According to a report by We Are Social, over 4 billion people use social media every day. Aside from it being vastly popular among various age groups in today's society, creating accounts and sharing posts is completely free. Read on to see why lawyers and law firms should break into the exciting world that is social media.

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Client Value Proposition for Lawyers

In this growing world of lawyers and law firms, many attorneys are searching for that one thing that makes their practice special. They want to stand out and they want clients to choose them over their competitors. In order to gain more clients and beat out the competition, you'll need to focus on what lies at the base of your marketing efforts: a strong client value proposition.

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