5 Ways Cloud-Based Software Will Help Your Bankruptcy Firm
Tired of clunky software? Learn how cloud-based software will help you file bankruptcy cases!
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Published on Sep 07, 2023


Cloud-based software or cloud computing refers to any applications stored, managed, and accessed via cloud servers. Unlike the conventional installation of applications on single computers, cloud computing allows users to access software programs anywhere by simply logging into a browser.

Unsurprisingly, cloud computing has changed the cyber world forever. It eliminates location and accessibility barriers while providing flexibility for many individuals and businesses. 

The use of cloud-based software has become an industry standard, even in the area of law. In this post, we will explore how cloud computing can contribute to the successful running of a legal organization. Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

How Will Cloud-based Software Help your Firm

  1. Work from Anywhere

The most evident benefit of cloud computing is that it allows users to access online facilities from anywhere so long as there is good internet and a compatible device.

The importance of accessibility and cloud computing cannot be overemphasized, as the events of 2020 have made remote and hybrid work a must for almost every industry. 

For instance, in the legal industry, virtual paralegals are becoming more popular since they offer the same value as in-house paralegals but at less cost for the organization. 

NextChapter offers Virtual Paralegal Support, a reliable platform for law firms seeking to hire competent paralegals. 

  1. Choose your Device (Phone, tablet, laptop)

The conventional installation of application software on office desktops restricts staff as serious work cannot be done off-site. With cloud computing, employees can choose whatever devices they’re comfortable working with, and with a good internet connection, they’re good to go!

NextChapter has a user-friendly app that is highly compatible with devices, enabling users to access information on the go.

  1. Collaboration Abilities

Most desktop software restricts one device and one user at a time. But with Cloud software, multiple users can log in from various places, allowing for faster and seamless collaboration on projects. 

NextChapter allows up to six users and more with an additional fee beyond six users.

  1. Security

Unlike desktops, hard drives, and other conventional storage devices, cloud computing provides layers and layers of protection in the form of complex encryption. 

NextChapter makes it a top priority to keep client’s information secure. With NextChapter, your sensitive data will be subject to daily security checks to keep them out of the reach of cyberbullies and scammers.

  1. Backup System

The 3-2-1 rule of backup encourages organizations to keep three copies of data on two distinct media, ensuring one of the storage locations is off-site. 

To the above criteria, organizations must adopt cloud-based software as those are located off-site. Once all your data is backed up on the cloud, you won’t need to back up onto a hard drive.

Importance of Choosing Your Software

There are several software applications on the market, so it can be confusing to know the best option to purchase for your law firm. An excellent place to start is to remember why you need application software in the first place: What process are you looking to automate? Then, find software with features that execute these functions. 

For law firms transitioning to cloud computing for the first time, top-tier legal software, NextChapter. is the way to go. The all-in-one legal software encompasses features such as client texting, NextChapter docs, credit report integration, client portal and so on.

In addition, NextChapter is the first cloud-based bankruptcy software on the market. Therefore, your firm can access client files and continue operations from anywhere with a compatible device and a good internet connection.

Of course, where cloud services are involved, users may have cybersecurity concerns. To allay any worries about cybercrime, NextChapter has adopted layers of protection to ensure the safety of client data. By deploying complex encryption and providing routine vulnerability checks, the possibility of any malicious activities on sensitive client information is zero.

To access NextChapter online, get any internet-compatible device of your choice and log in at NextChapter. 


Take a chance on NextChapter and experience seamless and secure remote work such as off-site meetings.


The decision to adopt a cloud computing system in your law firm comes down to your organization’s specific needs. However, most forward-looking organizations have adopted the mode of operation since its benefits outweigh any disadvantages.

For first-timers, cloud-based applications can seem foreign in the beginning. They may also constitute a substantial expense, for small firms especially. The good news is, should you go ahead to integrate cloud-based systems, in due time, you’ll be able to appreciate that initial setbacks are minor compared to the benefits: employees will get a hang of the cloud computing systems as they are very similar to desktop versions and your firm will begin to see additional profits because processes are more seamless.

Dare to invest in NextChapter, and watch your bankruptcy firm scale like never before!